KindGeek's Success Stories: Lehrermarktplatz

The history of a company is comprised from the stories of its clients. This is the second part of our “Success Stories,” which tells the story of the...

Lehrermarktplatz. Creating a Marketplace for Education's Sake. 

Meanwhile, Dominik Dresel from Germany nourished the idea that would make a professional life of German-speaking teachers more convenient and productive. Dominik decided to create a unique online platform for teachers where they could exchange, buy, and sell learning materials that they create. A good and extensive learning material is hours and hours of thorough work, so the possibility to earn some money for the materials that you put a lot of effort into is an amazing opportunity. This project received a not so easily digestible for non-German speakers name Lehrermarktplatz, which, basically, means teacher’s marketplace.

KindGeek started working on this project two years ago in a collaboration with a talented Ukrainian technology geek and entrepreneur Aleksey Kolupaev, who is CTO at Lehrermarktplatz, and who worked as CTO at MeinFernBus (now FlixBus), a successful German low-cost bus travel provider. Currently, the project is a fully operational website with 37 thousands items of learning materials, including videos, posters, presentations, tests, and worksheets, that the German-speaking teachers can buy to enhance their classroom performance and implement new practices that will appeal to their students. Lehrermarktplatz helps to diversify education, so makes it more appealing to students as well as to teachers, saving them time and boosting their creativity.