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Product management as a service

KindGeek’s Expertise in Product management

Product management as a service will allow you to boost your time to the market. Meanwhile we create quality niche products, which your users will be passionate about. We are focused on deep understanding of your user problems, meeting his needs, rapid assumptions validation and continuous improvement as well as technical excellence to ensure highly efficient and qualified product development process.

  • WE
  • Customer development
  • Product definition
  • Technical product ownership
  • Boost time to market
  • Product quality acceptance

KindGeek Product management rules

We encourage innovation, then watch it grow and customers success

KindGeek know your strengths, but are always opening to changes and new idea

We trust our customers and they can trust us

The Future of Product management

  • Product Definition
  • Delivery management
  • Minimum Marketable Product

Product Definition

We assist you with evaluating your requirements and share product vision that will be further developed using Lean Startup process. KindGeek Product owner and your team will make a product analysis, which will elicitate key product features to implement.

Delivery management

Our team focuses on product grows and adding new features, after they passes our validation on our limited audience. Timing is essential for building a product that is demanded by your market. Short release cycle will cut your costs for engineering and allow you to invest more in product design and infrastructure.

Minimum Marketable Product

Validation of crucial assumptions will impact your future product launch and will define further growth. Product concept has to include minimal set of features needed to go live. This stage will boost your product time to market and five you fast customer feedback.

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