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Education software development for the modernization of education via automation of the internal administrative processes and learning activities as well as delivering educational online platforms. KindGeek contributes to such automation and digitization of education that decreases the amount of counterproductive paperwork, enhances management practices, provides students with a possibility to attend classes and pass exams remotely , and overall, improves flexibility and performance of an educational establishment or online courses, strengthening its relevance and competitiveness.
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What KindGeek provides

Deep experience in developing various educational and administrative applications for universities and online courses allows KindGeek delivering reliable software solutions that will boost the performance of your educational establishment or educational online platform. If you want to create a new educational platform or improve an already existing one by implementing
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  • Online courses, lectures, or examinations
  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • And dozens of other digital solutions for modern educational practices
  • Video conferencing
  • Excellent UI/UX design
  • Shared chats
  • Cloud technologies
KindGeek will help you accomplish your goal in a timely fashion.

Focus on providing excellent education service or polishing your business, while KindGeek handles technical aspects and develops custom software solution that suits your needs and manifests your vision.
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Our Projects



The Medical Faculty of the University of Basel keeps up with the world and decides to implement digital technologies on different levels. MedMe is yet another stage of this initiative. It is a web resource that automates the process of creation and managing of exams schedules, devoiding personnel of some aspects of this exhaustible routine.
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This web platform for teachers who can sell and buy some education materials etc. that can help them on their lessons.
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The University of Basel decided to make a significant step on the path of modernization and implement a system that will give the students of Medical Faculty a possibility to pass exams remotely. BeAXi: Web provides the university with the online platform for the remote examinations of different types.
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