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Our cases

Kindgeek prides itself on its relaxed and open company culture - one that fosters creativity and open communication.

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IFG is an early as-they-need-it payment services provider for businesses. IFG offers a wide spectrum of services that include Digital Supply Chain Finance, Invoice Finance Service, Construction Invoice Finance, and easy to use money-on-demand service that follows a convenient “Button-Money” model. Our team was hired to develop the UI/UX modules of the IFG’s core services, which would grant smooth customer experience and would follow the company’s strict brand standards. In addition, we had to customize some interfaces to suit the needs of IFG clients,

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Designing a website for Finvoice, which is an end-to-end lending platform for small businesses that offers factors and secure commercial lenders a sleek.

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Diaspora banking is a mobile app for the United Bank of Africa (UBA) intended for the money transfer between UBA accounts and international money transfer.

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AR Proactive

AR Proactive gets health providers paid by their patients. This tool is developed for health providers who are dissatisfied with low patient payments and high cost-to-collect. This service is an online, automated invoicing and payment tool that increases patient payments to health providers. It works using call-to-action invoices with a deadline and late fee.

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Lifewallet is a blockchain platform for safe storing and verification of educational data important to their employment or further (diplomas, certificates, etc) that can be shared with potential employers and educational establishments to confirm their experience and skills.

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Greenvest is the app for conducting mobile payments instantly and receiving rewards for friends’ referrals and special propositions. It is a secure mobile banking app that follows the Open Banking standards and offers low costs for transactions.

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SFLend is a smart P2P investment platform, which allows a user to invest in loans and automatically receive interest rates as well as withdraw one’s capital at any given time.



Flodplain is a white-label neobank solution designed to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a unique, comprehensive, self-service platform. The application provides a simple and convenient, while also secure financial management system free from bureaucratic complications.

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JAJA is a banking app that reimagines the world of credit by providing customers with a digital-first credit card. The application grants simple and straightforward yet secure credit management system devoid of bureaucratic hustle.

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HyperJar is a FinTech platform that reimagines finance management by providing a user with a network of mini-accounts each of which is tailored to the user’s plans, lifestyle, and relationships. All mini-accounts are connected to the same smart payment card. Such a system grants an intuitive finance-management system that helps to balance spending and adjust habits to achieve financial goals.

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Asoko Insight

Asoko Insight is a “Corporate Map of Africa,” which is a database of Africa’s top private companies for global users to access and research for trade and investment purposes.