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Gamers of XBOX and PS4 want to compete with each other and win money on doing that.
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t’s an e-commerce mobile application that allows user to order goods and have them delivered to their location in an extremely short period of time (5-15 mins).
Hive social
Hive Social
Project was built as social network for local university. Students can share ideas, communicate, organize and follow groups, create posts, etc. Application is bringing students life on the whole new level. This, one can always get access to study materials, or get help, or find a fellow. With this app first-year students can start their social life with help and support, other can always be updated with the latest news. The main feature - everyone is related to the university, other are restricted from register into the system.
Trulycast web
Truly Cast
The main idea is that instagrammers want to make money, brands need to be advertised not paying a lot of money for that. And we needed to develop a solution to make this happen
Blitzcar web
Trade App
This mobile application is for car sharing and car renting. Facilitate short (hours) and midlength (few days) private car rental service by matching private car owners supply and demand (users) via this service. Price is set by the owner or via price match process. Payment and insurance facilitated by the service. Pickups and returns are arranged between parties directly. So KindGeek team head to develop this application, so customers will have the ability to share and rent cars.
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Simple tool, that helps you to create your own website, edit it and change at any time. No coding is needed, just choose from the pre-designed cards, and create the website, that best matches your needs.
Imagine you are going to the trip with your friends by car. You are listening to your favourite music, but none of friends don't know the lyrics. We provided you the solution, just connect the phone to your AppLink System, let your friends connect to your via WiFi and enjoy listening and singing with your friends
Difficulty completing various documents probably familiar to everyone. Therefore, our customer had a wonderful idea to create a program for easy and intuitive required documents to enter the USA.
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Datasembly provides access to millions of grocery and retail pricing records aggregated from hundreds of grocery delivery and online shopping websites. This data is hyper-local, highly volatile, and notoriously difficult to collect, but using specialized technology Datasembly aggregates and transforms this data so organizations can use it effectively.
If you were studying at school or your children do, it is the familiar situation for you to have some mess with marks. Teachers should fill a lot of different documents, children should handle with their school diary and parents want to control all this stuff. We develop great app that helps to have common point of communication for teachers, students and their parents.
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Brewery Buddy
Brewery Buddy helps you prepare the perfect beer. It allows you to calculate how much ingredients you need, what kind of ingredients you need and even how much it will cost you. You can either choose from the available recipes or add your own.
A healthy lifestyle starts with water, thus it’s quality is vitally important for human being. People don`t know what they drink and how to filter liquids is a big problem nowadays. H2Ometr team provides a simple way for measuring water quality for each sip in real time.
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Hongi Mattress
HONGi is the first mattress startup, which enables customers all over the world to buy their perfect mattress online, customize it and adjust it to their changing needs - even after purchase.
The aim was to develop a super secure photo stock for South Africa, where you can upload your photos for selling. All rights are strictly reserved. Here you can buy necessary photo either rights managed or rights free. User friendly design helps you to easily navigate through the website.
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AR Proactive
AR Proactive gets health providers paid by their patients. This tool is developed for health providers who are dissatisfied with low patient payments and high cost-to-collect. This service is an online, automated invoicing and payment tool that increases patient payments to health providers. It works using call-to-action invoices with a deadline and late fee.
This web platform for teachers who can sell and buy some education materials etc. that can help them on their lessons
In our globalized world of high digital consumption development, there was a need for some useful web-application to facilitate a relationship between people, products, and services. It was a need, until we created the system that will supply users with everything they need to fall in love with a product/services, enjoy them, maintain products/services, get rid from a break up with them.
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Place B
Place B is a storage service. You can keep your stuff in special boxes and be sure, that they won't be damaged. Mobile application lets you find a free box, choose the size you need, book boxes on a special date and pay via app
Builder Managment Tool
There was not many useful and convenient project management system, so we created one. You will easy organize your activities, communicate with customers, provide diaries for client consist of mages and descriptions of the conducted work in only one application. Furthermore this program includes health & safety compliance.
Ibantu mobile
iBantu - Insurance Helper, Malaysia's First Insurance App that allows you to manage all your insurance from any insurance company in one place. No more hassle in using different apps for different companies.
Business development, investment, deals… With its own special way this processes rule our world. There are different ways for communication in business, however there was no special app to connect business and investors.