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KindGeek prides itself on its relaxed and open company culture - one that fosters creativity and open communication.

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Reamis AG provides investment companies, foundations, cooperatives and pension funds with a software for managing real estate portfolios.

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Simple tool, that helps you to create your own website, edit it and change at any time. No coding is needed, just choose from the pre-designed cards, and create the website, that best matches your needs.

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Designing a website for Finvoice, which is an end-to-end lending platform for small businesses that offers factors and secure commercial lenders a sleek.

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Seeking employment is quite an exhaustive, stressful, and frustrating routine. On the other hand, even though the modern market is extremely saturated with specialists of different levels, some companies may struggle for months in order to fill a vacancy.

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Gamers of XBOX and PS4 want to compete with each other and win money on doing that.

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FlatRace is an app for leasing, renting, selling and purchasing apartments. Besides that, this should be a tool, that helps people, depending on weather they are representing themselves or a company, to see how much taxes they need to pay for a particular apartment. Besides that the rental price includes the cost of additional inventory, location regarding infrastructure, or the price can be reduced due to bad location or other unpleasant features.

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In our globalized world of high digital consumption development, there was a need for some useful web-application to facilitate a relationship between people, products, and services. It was a need, until we created the system that will supply users with everything they need to fall in love with a product/services, enjoy them, maintain products/services, get rid from a break up with them.

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HyperJar is a FinTech platform that reimagines finance management by providing a user with a network of mini-accounts each of which is tailored to the user’s plans, lifestyle, and relationships. All mini-accounts are connected to the same smart payment card. Such a system grants an intuitive finance-management system that helps to balance spending and adjust habits to achieve financial goals.

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Moving could be a terrifying and stressful experience, which is full of fuss and fear that something valuable would be damaged in the process.

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MetKnow is an app that helps users remember the connections you make in everyday life, making networking easier. The app is the archive of new acquaintances with essential information about them.

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The University of Basel decided to make a significant step on the path of modernization and implement a system that will give the students of Medical Faculty a possibility to pass exams remotely. BeAXi: Web provides the university with the online platform for the remote examinations of different types.

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Hiring a temp worker is a great way of reducing staffing costs and maintaining high productivity rates. Nonetheless, recruiting temporary employees, using staffing agencies is an expensive service, so some companies may neglect it.

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This web platform for teachers who can sell and buy some education materials etc. that can help them on their lessons

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If you were studying at school or your children do, it is the familiar situation for you to have some mess with marks. Teachers should fill a lot of different documents, children should handle with their school diary and parents want to control all this stuff. We develop great app that helps to have common point of communication for teachers, students and their parents.

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Lifewallet is a blockchain platform for safe storing and verification of educational data important to their employment or further (diplomas, certificates, etc) that can be shared with potential employers and educational establishments to confirm their experience and skills.

Hive Social
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Project was built as social network for local university. Students can share ideas, communicate, organize and follow groups, create posts, etc. Application is bringing students life on the whole new level. This, one can always get access to study materials, or get help, or find a fellow. With this app first-year students can start their social life with help and support, other can always be updated with the latest news. The main feature - everyone is related to the university, other are restricted from register into the system.

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The problem was to automate the process of collecting the data about the fire incidences and creating a service that would deliver push notifications to the firefighters.

AR Proactive
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AR Proactive gets health providers paid by their patients. This tool is developed for health providers who are dissatisfied with low patient payments and high cost-to-collect. This service is an online, automated invoicing and payment tool that increases patient payments to health providers. It works using call-to-action invoices with a deadline and late fee.

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The Marine Facilities Planning system (MFP) is a software system developed in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and Natural Environment Research Council NERC. MFP is designed to integrate the different aspects of equipment management and ship programming to streamline and integrate the process of delivering science cruises.

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Today, video games are not merely an entertainment or hobby but a craft, art, and even sports. Mobalytics is for people who take gaming seriously and desire to polish their skills in order to become more porefessional and competitive players.

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Nowadays it is hard to find some place to eat good food and stay sure that this one is healthy. Fast food, longterm expiration date, products with GMO is all around. So we found a way to the rescue - we created a mobile application so you can find healthy meals in restaurants.

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iBantu - Insurance Helper, Malaysia's First Insurance App that allows you to manage all your insurance from any insurance company in one place. No more hassle in using different apps for different companies.

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Do not have enough time to read a lecture? Are you creating a lot of ideas on your way but losing them until you are at your place? Not a problem anymore!

FUll Circle Telepsychiatry
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There is a harmful tendency to underestimate the seriousness of mental issues, often labeling them as an imaginary thing, and stigmatize people who suffer from them. It only worsens the situation and makes people keep silent about their illnesses, suppressing own thoughts, and emotions instead of going to a therapist.

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OSCE is yet another step on the path of automatization and technologization the University of Basel undertakes. It is an enterprise resource planning system, which is intended to enhance personnel managing efforts and decrease the amount of paperwork associated with it.

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Memory is fragile and quite an unstable thing that often deceives its carrier. And sometimes, it is important to remind oneself about an important event or emotion from the past, which inspired or provoked certain thoughts, but it is difficult to evoke these memories and emotions within a mind.

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Diaspora banking is a mobile app for the United Bank of Africa (UBA) intended for the money transfer between UBA accounts and international money transfer.

Trade App
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This mobile application is for car sharing and car renting. Facilitate short (hours) and midlength (few days) private car rental service by matching private car owners supply and demand (users) via this service. Price is set by the owner or via price match process. Payment and insurance facilitated by the service. Pickups and returns are arranged between parties directly. So KindGeek team head to develop this application, so customers will have the ability to share and rent cars.

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SoPost is a service that helps businesses run their sampling campaigns to increase ROI and client engagement. A website is a point of connection between SoPost and their customers that should quickly convey the company’s central message.

Sani Professional
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Sani Professional is an application that helps manage and track cleaning process of Ice-O-Matic machines, which are used by various establishments across the globe.

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The Heal application is intended to cover the virtual gap in the sphere of recreational physical education. Doubtfully, there is a person who is a stranger to musculoskeletal pain. Nonetheless, most people visit a doctor only when the pain is unbearable. The proper exercising can prevent such a scenario. And Heal provides users with the video materials on exercising based on their symptoms.

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FATA is a web application for internal usage by TUI cruises personnel. It allows creating allotments (flights) that should deliver tourists to/from cruise destination (harbor). It also manages invoices and reports for the completed allotments. In addition, the app interacts with another web application, DaVinci, which handles bookings.

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It’s an e-commerce mobile application that allows user to order goods and have them delivered to their location in an extremely short period of time (5-15 mins).

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A healthy lifestyle starts with water, thus it’s quality is vitally important for human being. People don`t know what they drink and how to filter liquids is a big problem nowadays. H2Ometr team provides a simple way for measuring water quality for each sip in real time.

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GongBox is an app that combines music-streaming and social-networking elements to become a home for African music. Wherever you are in the world, GongBox gives you access to the library of the continent’s music of any genre. Created by African artist Black Coffee, GongBox allows musicians to stay independent, owning 100% of their creations.

Brewery Buddy
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Brewery Buddy helps you prepare the perfect beer. It allows you to calculate how much ingredients you need, what kind of ingredients you need and even how much it will cost you. You can either choose from the available recipes or add your own.

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Tradeshift is redefining how buyers and suppliers work together. Here's a closer look at how we're shaking up the procure-to-pay industry.

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Coffee has become an unavoidable part of the modern lifestyle. On some occasions, it is almost impossible to proceed without a coffee-induced energy boost, which helps to get rid of sleepiness.

Truly Cast
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The main idea is that instagrammers want to make money, brands need to be advertised not paying a lot of money for that. And we needed to develop a solution to make this happen

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Serv is a platform workers use to offer their services to the locals. The app contains information about the availability of the workers, their prices, ratings and feedback. Our Idea is simple: That people should not have to look hard for local work, whether they are searching for it or seeking to provide it.

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EpioneNet is an end-to-end referral platform, designed to seamlessly and securely connect patients, healthcare providers, facilities and funders from across the globe, promoting a coordinated and collaborative continuum of care for patients. The service allows patients to research physicians and book appointments; primary care clinicians — to increase the patient pool, search and refer to specialists, and monitor their patients’ journey; hospitals — to increase theatre utilization and reduce the paperwork; and much more.

Hongi Mattress
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HONGi is the first mattress startup, which enables customers all over the world to buy their perfect mattress online, customize it and adjust it to their changing needs - even after purchase.

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Datasembly provides access to millions of grocery and retail pricing records aggregated from hundreds of grocery delivery and online shopping websites. This data is hyper-local, highly volatile, and notoriously difficult to collect, but using specialized technology Datasembly aggregates and transforms this data so organizations can use it effectively.

Builder Management Tool
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There was not many useful and convenient project management system, so we created one. You will easy organize your activities, communicate with customers, provide diaries for client consist of mages and descriptions of the conducted work in only one application. Furthermore this program includes health & safety compliance.

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Business development, investment, deals… With its own special way this processes rule our world. There are different ways for communication in business, however there was no special app to connect business and investors.

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GeekHub is KindGeek project. In a nutshell, it is a simple solution that provides full control over internal business processes and grants smooth scaling of a company. GeekHub is an end-to-end process automation tool that combines all instruments you need to operate internal processes of a company in a single neat digital package .

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Imagine you are going to the trip with your friends by car. You are listening to your favourite music, but none of friends don't know the lyrics. We provided you the solution, just connect the phone to your AppLink System, let your friends connect to your via WiFi and enjoy listening and singing with your friends

Place B
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Place B is a storage service. You can keep your stuff in special boxes and be sure, that they won't be damaged. Mobile application lets you find a free box, choose the size you need, book boxes on a special date and pay via app

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MyProfashional is a platform where everyone can get the advice of a professional stylist regarding clothes to improve their personal image and boost self-confidence. MyProfashional’s stylists are credible and independent style experts who know where to hunt for the best bargains in the city, how to choose clothes that suits your body type the best, and are always willing to share their experiences and insights during a joint shopping trip.

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The aim was to develop a super secure photo stock for South Africa, where you can upload your photos for selling. All rights are strictly reserved. Here you can buy necessary photo either rights managed or rights free. User friendly design helps you to easily navigate through the website.

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The main purpose of Mitwelt is to shift the paradigm of the social networking from the online communication to the real one. The project is intended to boost the real-life interaction, using the Internet but not merely attract more audience into the meshes of yet another social media.

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In the modern world, the environmental issues are as relevant as ever. However, there are a considerable lack of the incentives that are able to provoke nature-friendly human behavior.

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When a person goes on a vacation, it is relatively easy for him or her to find a car or a bicycle for rent. However, the process is not that straightforward with boats, which, sometimes, difficult to rent or dock if you have one.

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Difficulty completing various documents probably familiar to everyone. Therefore, our customer had a wonderful idea to create a program for easy and intuitive required documents to enter the USA.

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The Medical Faculty of the University of Basel keeps up with the world and decides to implement digital technologies on different levels. MedMe is yet another stage of this initiative. It is a web resource that automates the process of creation and managing of exams schedules, devoiding personnel of some aspects of this exhaustible routine.

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