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Java (Spring), HIPAA Trust, Microservices, ReactJS, Hibernate, AWS
Product 3 w
IntelliJ IDEA, RoboMongo, Jenkins (CI)
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Project Duration:
7 months
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Development approach
In order to achieve maximum flexibility of the project and ensure its continuous evolution, the team decided to use the microservice architecture approach and Jenkins automation server. As far as FullCirlce is intended to work with sensitive data, the developers used Amazon Web Services as these servers can be used to process information regulated by the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
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FullCircle is a professional network with integrated strategic referral system, which provides full access and visibility to providers and patients. FullCircle provides teleconferencing service as well as visibility of medication lists, lab values, diagnostics, clinical status, evaluations, consults, patient compliance, and measurement of progress. Besides, the project has built-in insurance eligibility verification.
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What we did
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Business Analysis
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Project Management
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Designing / UX planning
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Quality Analysis
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