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Project statement

A healthy lifestyle starts with water, thus it’s quality is vitally important for human being. People don`t know what they drink and how to filter liquids is a big problem nowadays. H2Ometr team provides a simple way for measuring water quality for each sip in real time.


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Development approach

Have you ever heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day? Well it’s not that simple. Truth is, that we all have different hydration needs. Your H2Ometr estimates, tracks and displays your real-time hydrations needs. Your comfortable zone level rises and drops based on a variety of factors. We created a device that looks like a cup. It contains many sensors which analyze the liquid contained in device.Furthermore we added UV lamp which also cleans liquids including water. In addition we developed a mobile application which can analyze substance in the device(its temperature,Ph, etc.) We can really relate to this project now that we've grown this product from where we approached it. So we did all as below - -Business analysis. -Project Management. -Designing and UX planning. -Development -Quality Analysis done keeping in mind the standards of the industry.


Results Achieved

Functionality -Track water quality; -Clear and precise information about the liquids that you consume ; -UV-lamp to clean the water from bacteria; -Achieve your daily water-consumption rate to stay in the best shape

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