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Trade App
AFTNetworking, Typhon, ReactiveCocoa, Stripe, Mantie, Facebook SDK, Google Places API
Country of origin
the USA
Year completed
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Project statement

This mobile application is for car sharing and car renting. Facilitate short (hours) and midlength (few days) private car rental service by matching private car owners supply and demand (users) via this service. Price is set by the owner or via price match process. Payment and insurance facilitated by the service. Pickups and returns are arranged between parties directly. So KindGeek team head to develop this application, so customers will have the ability to share and rent cars.

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Phone original

Development approach

To achieve this, such technologies were chosen: - AFTNetworking - to interact with the network - ReactiveCococa - for the construction of Network Layer - Typhoon - dependency injection framework - Mantle - to build Data Layer - Facebook API - login through Facebook - CardIO - scanning credit card - Stripe - payment service - Google API Places - to detect location - Google API - to login via Google


Results Achieved

KindGeek team managed to develop this tool, and it became very usefull for thousands of users. Functionality (IOS) - list a car for rent (pick a model, mileage, location, photos, description, set price) - ability to book an offered vehicle at the predetermined price for a preset period of time - booking request / booking procedure - manual (set by provider) and automatic pricing based on demand / supply - reservation receipt/check in/return/sign off system

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