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Product 1 w
iOS, Android
Product 2 w
PHP (Laravel, Doctrine) Redis, Beanstalkd, Postgress, JAVA (Spring), AWS, NodeJS (websockets), Docker, DockerCompose, Swift, AVFoundation, CoreLocation, Android Java, RXJava, CoreData, Realm
Product 3 w
x-Code, PHP Storm, VIM, DataGrip, Intellij, Jenkins (CI), Android Studio, QMetry, JMeter
Product 4 w
Country of Origin:
Israel, USA
Product 5 w
Year completed:
Product 6 w
Project Duration:
1.5 year
Product 7 w
Product 8 w
Size of Team:
Wif 1
Development approach
Despite the deceptive simplicity of the concept, WIF is a complex project that required a complex solution. The team used a broad range of different tools and technologies to create a reliable service and pack it into a neat iOS and Android applications. In particular, the developers used DataGrip cross-platform database IDE, which “provides database introspection and various instruments for creating and modifying objects for the supported engines.”
Results achived
With WIF, users have a possibility to create different types of virtual time capsules, which will be stored on a server and will be able to evoke certain memories in a user after a while. The capsules can be triggered at a certain moment in a future or when a user enters a previously specified location. Capsules can also be send to another users. In addition, there is a possibility to send a message in a “What If” case, specified by a user.
Wif 2
What we did
What we did 1 w
Business Analysis
What we did 2 w
Project Management
What we did 3 w
Designing / UX planning
What we did 4 w
What we did 5 w
Quality Analysis
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