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Product Research and Development

Ideation and Development for Improvement and Growth

We also create our own products based on insights driven by our experience and market research.

With SignSpot, GeekHub, and LvivLand behind our backs, we know what it takes to plan and then develop a relevant product from scratch. The results of our R&D efforts help us to strengthen our Business Analysis expertise and full-cycle engineering capacity as well as scale and grow our company.


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We dedicate a fraction of our budget to R&D efforts to continue improving our products, designs, and polishing our work approaches.


We improve our competence


We boost efficiency our internal processes


We stay up to date with trends and market needs


We create products that help our company scale


We get better understanding of product development to help our customers grow

Basic R&D process

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In broad strokes, our R&D process has the following structure



Brainstorming and unleashing our creativity to come up with product ideas. Our ideation is driven by the issue within a certain sphere that bothers or affects us.

  • The absence of the powerful promotional video platform for our city
  • Desire to have a convenient multi-purpose management tool that would cut overhead costs and save time.
  • Distress and turmoil in the IT industry caused by the 2020 crisis.


Determining which ideas are worth pursuing and transforming into products. A painstaking and slightly painful focus stage helps us to weed out not-marketable or irrelevant ideas. During the focus stage, thorough analysis of the market and possible competition are our main tools.

Ba stage

BA Stage

After we determine which ideas to focus on, a meticulous Business Analysis begins to narrow the ideas and transform them into an actionable plan of prototyping and developing the future marketable product. We also


MVP Development

After the plan is ready, we develop an MVP to test the waters, receive feedback, and determine which parts of the functionality should be the first priority and what features we may have missed.


Launch Support & Maintenance

Now, the product is ready to be presented to a wide audience. This is when the real challenge begins as in case of unpredicted circumstances, demands, and market reactions, we have to adjust the product ‘on the fly.’ If required, we change the design or chunks of the product’s functionality so it performs better.

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