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Android Development

Android is the world’s most popular open-source mobile operating system and one of the primary KindGeek’s specialties. Be it native or cross-platform Android development, KindGeeks know their way around delivering top-notch Android applications for a wide spectrum of industries, from Media to FinTech.

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Our IT Outsourcing Android Expertise

Android powers millions of gadgets all over the world. It is our duty to outsource Android applications that not only efficiently perform but also appeal to your target audience in order to surpass the competition.

Our business expertise in combination with technical excellence and UI/UX knowledge help KindGeek to develop reliable, secure, and engaging

  • Custom Android apps
  • Enterprise Android apps
  • Social Media Android apps
  • Mobile Fintech apps

KindGeek Android developers are equally well-versed with Java and Kotlin. No matter your vision, our dedicated team of developers, UI/UX designers, and business analysts will do their best to make it a successful digital reality encased within neat cases of mobile devices.

Java vs Kotlin

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  • Cross-platform. Java allows running the same program on many different systems.
  • Support. Java is a mature and popular language with an active user community and support.
  • Checked exceptions. Unlike Kotlin, Java has exceptions that are checked at compile time.
  • Static members. There is no such thing as static member in Kotlin, which some developers may find inconvenient.
  • Primitive types. Java has basic types, whereas in Kotlin everything is an object.


  • Simple. Kotlin is a young language created with the developer’s convenience in mind.
  • Null-Safe. A programmer is not able to return or assign null in Kotlin code as it will not compile. It makes Kotlin slightly less prone to human mistakes.
  • Extension Functions. Kotlin allows extending existing classes with new methods that they may lack.
  • Data Classes. Kotlin has special classes for storing data. Compiler generates all setters and getters automatically.
  • Compatible with Java. Kotlin’s code can be easily converted into Java’s code and vice versa.

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