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iOS development service

It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company's mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.
  • Tabel menu icon Semicolons required
  • Tabel menu icon Types must be declared
  • Tabel menu icon Header files
  • Tabel menu icon Pointers
  • Tabel menu icon KVO and custom setters
  • Tabel menu icon Types are inferred
  • Tabel menu icon Functions are first class objects
  • Tabel menu icon Collections are typed using generics
  • Tabel menu icon Simpler string manipulation
  • Tabel menu icon Memory is managed automatically
Swift 1 Playgrounds
Swift 2 Faster and Safer
Swift 3 Supports dynamic libraries
Swift 4 Requires less code
Swift 5 Unified with memory management
  • The Swift syntax is clear and concise, therefore it makes APls in Swift easy to read and maintain
  • Swift is designed for ensuring safety. Uts syntax and language constructions exclude the several types of mistakes potentially possible in Objective-C
  • Swift accumulates all the pros from different programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Go, Ruby and other
  • It is incredibly expressive and userfriendly. Playgrounds vizualize data and programmers can quickly check and correct everything along with further development
  • It is easy to understand - it has more rational code, which decreases the lenght of the code and thus the time of development
  • It provides safe memory managment, type interference, generics and optionals and simple but strict inheritance rules
  • Swift allows you to develop your application interactively
  • You cannot subclass a Swift class in Objective-C
  • Swift is easy and fast for programmers to learn. It makes creating iOS applications much more accessible. However the pool of Swift developers is limited now.
  • Command-click a class name to see its generated header. Option-click a symbol to see implict information about it (its type, attributes, and documentation comments)
Objective 1 Oriented
Objective 2 Supports an open style of dynamic binding
Objective 3 Syntax is small, unambiguous, and easy to learn
Objective 4 Very dynamic
Objective 5 An extension of standard ANSI C
  • Objective-C is based on C language, which is hard to master on its own
  • Objective-C is nt as expressive and intuitive as Swift. Not such tool in it for visualization
  • Objective-C is notoriously difficult since its syntax is different from any other programming language
  • Objective-C is established, stable and well-tested
  • The Objective-C implementation takes more than twice as many lines of code as the Swift implementation
  • No sych precautionare warning logic is available in Objective-C and the code has to be manually confirmed to avoid such issues
  • Objective-C does not allow you to develop an app interactively
  • Objective-C can be complited into static libraries and dynamuc frameworks
  • Objective-C can be complited into static libraries and dynamuc frameworks
  • Objective-C is not open-source, and for the most part, it remains limited to Apple devices
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