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Java is a programming and computing platform.Today, it is widely used in a variety of different websites. In fact, numerous applications and websites simply will not run unless you have Java installed. Java is simpler to use than other programming languages, like C++, in part because it uses an object-oriented programming model.
Java is used for web-applications like Google docs, as well as for things like mobile games. Perhaps most notably, Java is widely used to build small application modules or applets for use as part of a web page. Basically, developers use it to create applications on your computer.
Java offers higher cross- functionality and portability as programs written in one platform can run across desktops, mobiles, embedded systems.
Java is free, simple, object-oriented, distributed, supports multithreading and offers multimedia and network support.
Unlike C and C++, Java programs are compiled independent of platform in bytecode language which allows the same program to run on any machine that has a JVM installed.
Relatively seamless forward compatibility from one version to the next
Java is a mature language, therefore more stable and predictable. The Java Class Library enables cross-platform development.
Being highly popular at enterprise, embedded and network level, Java has a large active user community and support available.
Java has powerful development tools like Eclipse SDK and NetBeans which have debugging capability and offer integrated development environment.
Increasing language diversity, evidenced by compatibility of Java with Scala, Groovy, JRuby, and Clojure.
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