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Learn javascript

JavaScript development service

JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on your visitor's computer and doesn't require constant downloads from your website. JavaScript is often used to create polls and quizzes.
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JavaScript is very easy to implement. All you need to do is put your code in the HTML document and tell the browser that it is JavaScript. It works on web users’ computers — even when they are offline!J avaScript allows you to create highly responsive interfaces that improve the user experience and provide dynamic functionality, without having to wait for the server to react and show another page.
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Javascript is executed on the client side
This means that the code is executed on the user's processor instead of the web server thus saving bandwidth and strain on the web server.
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Javascript is a relatively easy language
The Javascript language is relatively easy to learn and comprises of syntax that is close to English. It uses the DOM model that provides plenty of prewritten functionality to the various objects on pages making it a breeze to develop a script to solve a custom purpose.
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Javascript is relatively fast to the end user
As the code is executed on the user's computer, results and processing is completed almost instantly depending on the task (tasks in javascript on web pages are usually simple so as to prevent being a memory hog) as it does not need to be processed in the site's web server and sent back to the user consuming local as well as server bandwidth.
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Extended functionality to web pages
Third party add-ons like Greasemonkey enable Javascript developers to write snippets of Javascript which can execute on desired web pages to extend its functionality. If you use a website and require a certain feature to be included, you can write it yourself and use an add-on like Greasemonkey to implement it on the web page.
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