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Software for building a fintech solution

Construct your digital finance product with a customizable platform and end-to-end delivery

Build a top-notch fintech product faster

Developing a fintech product from scratch might be too time- and resource-consuming. With a wide range of pre-built features, combined with thoughtful customization and development, you receive a solution with the functionality to jumpstart your online finance business or get digital without heavy upfront investment. Obtain a development cycle shortcut to get your financial product up and running faster.


Development cycle shortcut

Get your financial product up and running faster

Shield security

High-leve security

Develop a product that does not have any loopholes in security on any level


Save time and resources

Craft your solution in a timely manner with pre-built functionality


Diverse functionality

Combine a wide range of features to jumpstart finance solution

Robust foundation for a wide range of fintech products

Our platform has been designed to serve as a reliable backbone for a number of digital payment products.



Mobile Wallet

General ledger

Money transfers

Payment acceptance

Marketplace Payments

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Construct a digital finance product with a wide range of features

Combine all the features needed to doom any fintech product – from neobank to e-wallet – for success and make it suitable for your core business processes.

Multi-currency accounts

Let your customers keep their funds in the currencies of their choice. The number of currencies is unlimited – you can add as many as you need.

Currency exchange

Allow customers to operate any currency they need. Automated currency exchange is in place for transactions involving different currencies.


Categorize your users' spendings and present them as charts and diagrams. Show a map of transactions based on the location they have been performed at.

Visa/MasterCard issuing

Offer a full set of cardholder services via issuing Visa/MasterCard cards linked to the customer's account (vendor integration required).

Popular payments

Integrate local vendors to enable utility bills and internet payments, cell phone top-ups, and payments for other popular services

P2P money transfers

Allow quick cash transfers to the clients’ friends and family, saving their time and helping split the bill.

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Monthly budget

The application allows you to allocate and plan expenses for the month easily and set goals for expenses and savings.

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Manage your finances with ease

Payment 1 Payment 2


Choosing a digital bank card design will make your application even more personalized.

Cards 1 Cards 2


Handshaking allows finding nearby accounts to make quick transfers.

Handshaking 1 Handshaking 2

Regular payment

Create advance payment templates, and the app will remind you of these monthly payments.

Regular payment 1 Regular payment 2

Personal profile

Manage your personal information, update your password, and view your rewards.

Settigs 1 Settigs 2
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