KindGeek Donated to Emergency Hospital in Lviv

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KindGeek Donated to Emergency Hospital
How can you help your city/village?

Last week, Yuriy Gnatyuk and Anton Skrypnyk, the top managers at KindGeek, donated over 100,000 UAH to the emergency hospital in Lviv. KindGeeks joined their great initiative and donated money as well.

It’s a difficult time. We have to cooperate and do our best to help our families, societies, cities, and countries to withstand the challenges. 

We share this information to show that not just big corporations, but individuals and small to middle-sized businesses can help. Everyone can help, especially, their city or village. The tiniest donation or effort makes a difference on the scale. 

Donated to Emergency Hospital
KindGeek Donated to Emergency Hospital in Lviv

Yesterday, our COO, Yuriy Gnatyuk, shared the following thoughts with the team:

“This is a critical time during which we have to mobilize. Individuals, volunteers, small and medium-sized businesses should act together to help fight the virus spreading. 

This time our enemy is invisible. However, fear and indifference are even more dangerous enemies.”

It is time to act fast.

So far, a lot of people have joined us and donated for hospitals’ needs. 

If you want to help Lviv as well, let us know — we’ll share the direct contacts. Write us on Facebook or here.

How can you help your city/village?

 – Contact hospitals, ask for their needs

 – Donate for masks, tests, and other necessary equipment

 – Buy groceries for people in hospitals

 – Help doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, communal workers, and other essential personnel that keeps our world running to get to their workplace by driving them or hiring a driver.

 – Stay calm no matter what and help others

 – Spread the word and encourage people to act

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