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We are happy to share the success story of our partners. Moreover, we are really glad to be MyProfashional’s discovery and development teams.

Antonia Maiwald and Lena Koschek launched the platform myProfashional this October. The platform offers fashion and personal shopping advice by stylists, fashion bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts. The first sales have already been made, and now, the geographical expansion is to follow.

“We lead people who feel lost when shopping together with experts who are familiar with the world of fashion,” explains Antonia Maiwald (picture: left), co-founder of myProfashional. The Zurich startup offers a slightly different form of personal shopping.

It works as follows: Through the myProfashional website, customers search and book the right fashion consultant. These are divided into three categories. Customers can avail themselves of the help of trained stylists, fashion bloggers or so-called enthusiasts – laypersons, who have a strong interest in fashion. The consultation takes place offline, at an office, at home, or in the café. The prices are determined by the “Profashionals” themselves.

The platform went live in October and has already achieved its first sales. The services of the consultants can now be given away in the form of a gift card. More than 20 “Profashionals” are already providing their services in the city of Zurich. The interest is growing: more and more proplr are coming to the platform. “Zurich is our pilot market, and in the coming weeks we will be expanding our offer to Bern, Basel, St. Gallenm and Lucerne,” says co-founder Lena Koschek (photo: right).

The expansion to Germany is planned for next year, followed by London. If it comes to Maiwald and Koschek, who both have marketing experience in global fashion and retail companies, myProfashional will also be active in New York in a few years.

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