What is GDPR? 5 Interesting Links to Help You Get Prepared

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On 25 May, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was enforced, which resulted in Facebook and Google facing legal complaints and some US news sites blocked to EU users. 

GDPR deals with the issue of personal data protection, which is as relevant as ever. 

Every company that gathers or processes personal data of EU citizens should comply with the GDPR. Otherwise, it may face legal issues and significant (up to $20 million) fees.  

At the same time, EU citizens should educate themselves about the document to be aware of their rights and not get frustrated with thousands of notifications about privacy policy updates. 

GDPR is complex, and a lot of people struggle to wrap their heads around it. Here we’ve gathered some resources for any taste that will help you to grasp the essentials of the reform and get prepared to embrace the change. 

1) This neat video from the Wall Street Journal can provide you with the very basics if you can’t bother reading and don’t have much time.

2) This article is a comprehensive guide on GDPR with some useful advice for companies

3) This BBC’s quiz is a great interactive way of learning about GDPR from the customer’s perspective. If you failed the test, try again, and after a few iterations, you’ll be a pro.

4) If you prefer presentations, this one by the UK IT Governance will do it for you. The presentation will lead you through the articles of the regulation step by step

5) Finally, this laconic writing from the ESET security community demonstrates how to prepare a company with regard to GDPR

Hopefully, the resources in this short list will make GDPR less of a mystery for you.