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Why Companies Choose KindGeek?

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Software outsourcing is not an industry where you can stay afloat by being average or succeed by being slightly better than average. If you want to win clients and interesting projects, you need to prove that you are worthy of attention. Yes, the situation is similarly “dire” in other industries too but not to the same extent. Just in one year, a number of software development companies in Lviv grew by 30%, and the trend does not seem to change anytime soon. Therefore, keep up with the rhythm and growing standards, or vanquish into irrelevance. 

So, we’ve been asking ourselves (as well as our customers),” What helps us, Kindgeek, win new productive partnerships in this saturated market?” In other words, why customers choose KindGeek? We determined 5 essential reasons.

Which software outsourcing company to choose
Companies Choose KindGeek

1. Full-cycle Development Expertise

Being a one-stop-shop is definitely a selling point. When a customer entrusts KindGeek with the idea, he or she can be sure that the final product will be polished and ready for the market. 

Our expertise includes everything that is required to develop a complete product: 

1) Business Analysis expertise required to develop a competitive product

2) Software Development expertise that includes WEB development and Mobile development

3) Cybersecurity expertise

4) UI/UX expertise

5) QA expertise

6) Product Management expertise

If you hire a design company, you still have to find a software development company to code your product. And vice versa. It is a headache. 

When you partner with KindGeek, the only thing you have to worry about is your business development, while we handle each and every technical aspect of the project and conduct thorough business analysis. It is convenient, it is reliable, it is efficient, and it is cheaper than dividing your product into smaller chunks for different companies to work with.

2. Price 

KindGeek prides itself on the fact that we manage to keep the balance between quality service and competitive price. 

Anton Skrypnyk and Yuriy Gnatyuk founded KindGeek at the height of Ukrainian disturbances when the economic situation was unstable and unpredictable. Moreover, the Ukrainian IT market was already extremely saturated and newcomers were arriving in the world of harsh competition. So, it was not a surprise that people were telling them that they are making a mistake starting a software company now, and nothing good would happen out of it. They’ve listened attentively and still did as they desired – created KindGeek. 

However, they knew that in order to prosper as a software development company, they needed to have a serious competitive edge. Anton and Yura realized that attractive price and great service is the most certain path in this regard. In order to achieve this, KindGeek had to make its processes efficient and optimal and avoid any irrelevant spendings so our prices are always attractive and our employees are always professional and satisfied. 

Fast forward five years later, KindGeek has 140 employees and plenty of great projects. We are still doing our best to keep everything optimal and efficient to keep our prices and services attractive.

3. Customer Success-Oriented

We don’t treat our customers as customers; we treat them as our partners. And we as much depended on the success of our partners as they are depended on our expertise. We want the same they want – we want their products to be among the best in the market. We believe that only such an approach can provide valuable results. The two of the four core corporate values of our company – trust and transparency are aimed at our mutual success as well. If there is anything that can become a hindrance, we will be honest about it and want our partners to be honest about their concerns too.  

You can read about some stories of our partnerships here

4. Business Mindset

We wrote about it in our article on Outsource Challenges. Business Mindset is what sets apart tech-contractors from tech-partners. A software development company that completely neglects the business development aspects of a product, could fail at creating a product that can survive the competition and be demanded. 

KindGeek combines a business-oriented mindset with technical expertise to create products that are ready for market and for clients to use.

5. Decreasing Time to Market

Software outsourcing has a variety of benefits; and currently, its ability to decrease time to market is particularly interesting as a company that enters the market faster than its competitors has a significant edge over them. 

KindGeek has everything required to boost the time to market of our clients:

1) Ready-to-go team

2) Expertise in all fields required to develop a viable product

3) Business-oriented mindset 

4) Experience developing projects for startups that need to enter the market fast 

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