You don't need a special environment to start your business

In occasion of Independence Day of Ukraine the business edition collected success stories of people which are coevals of Ukraine. They were born and growing up “side by side” with our motherland and they made their own way, with none favorable environment.


Why are we mentioning about that? There are two related points. First of all KindGeek Software — is the full cycle software development company, which supports and develops startups — from business analysis and design up to development, quality assurance, launching and marketing.


And another point - our COO Yuriy Gnatyuk is one of them, and his own story reminds to dream and act: your future and ideas are in your mind, you have your own hands to implement them though.


So what’s the secret of young Ukrainian entrepreneurs? No fear and to be able to take responsibility - these factors help to move forward, to break old rotten paradigms, to develop opportunities, society and the future.


People make environment, people are the country.

Happy Independence Day, Dear Ukraine! You are great.