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KindGeek Announces CTO, Michael Kramarenko — the Most Experienced and Recognized IT Mentor in Lviv

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Becoming a CTO

Solid IT background

Empowering Company. Setting Chief Technical Officer

Way to grow. How KindGeek became KindGeek

Our way

KindGeek is a young company founded over five years ago in Lviv, Ukraine. Despite a relatively short time on the market, the company has set its own pace of growth and development. Perhaps, it also helped the team to catch the pulse of global trends and develop over the years in promising and potential industries for the future, including fintech, edtech, healthcare, media, and retail.

Becoming a CTO

Despite the youth of our company, we are honored and proud to work with the most experienced and recognized IT mentor in Lviv, Michael Kramarenko. Mr. Kramarenko joined KindGeek in 2018 as Delivery Director. At that moment, he was already a legend of the Lviv IT sector. He started as a developer at the dawn of the Ukrainian software industry. Later he became a founder of the highly-efficient BA office at a big Ukrainian IT company, ELEKS. He also is known as a co-founder of BA and BD courses at the Lviv IT School and a lecturer at Ukrainian Catholic University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. During his career, he became a recognizable speaker, providing hundreds of programmers and IT specialists with lectures and speeches at such events as Lviv IT Arena, one of the biggest IT conferences in Ukraine. Due to his willingness to share knowledge and experience, he turns into the most experienced IT mentor in Lviv.

CTO Service
The Most Experienced and Recognized IT Mentor in Lviv

Solid IT background

The skillful team of the KindGeek company, which counts over a hundred specialists, has successfully completed 65 projects. One of the most recognizable among them is HyperJar— an innovative solution for the fintech startup in the United Kingdom. Every team member of those projects could ask Michael Kramarenko for advice, despite whether this was his direct responsibility or not. Mr. Kramarenko acquired a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1989 and has over 20 years of experience in different IT technologies and fields, including consulting, training, pre-sales support, design, and implementation of informational systems, mission-critical applications, platform integration, and so on.

During his professional career, Michael Kramarenko has successfully implemented projects for the development of critical systems, focusing on the vision, analysis, detailed elaboration of requirements, architecture design, and real business needs. His responsibilities include the ownership and management of all aspects of systems development, from identifying business requirements to the successful implementation of IT solutions.

These days we at KindGeek are proud to announce that Mr. Kramarenko has joined the C-Board of the company as a Chief Technology Officer. Many of our partners, clients, and followers recognize Michael, so they know that it is a key decision for us. We believe that it is a natural step for Mr. Kramarenko and a logical step for a company. We move forward with new energy and passion, providing partners and customers with cutting-edge CTO Service.

Empowering Company. Setting Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer is a key player for the successful start of a new product or development of a company with sufficient tech capacities. To avoid a situation when there is not a suitable candidate, we can take the role of the technical leader and help solve the tech challenges.

This service is established for early-phase startups with some seed capital or A round funding available for product development. It also exists for in-house spin-off ideas that are out of the primary focus and require out-of-box approaches or in-house products with the goal of innovating and bringing new revenue streams to mature SME-s or larger companies.

In our day-to-day work, we use such technologies as Java, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, iOS, and Android. And now we are absolutely sure that all our team members and clients are empowered by the passion of Michael Kramarenko, holding the position and tools of Chief Technical Officer.

Although KindGeek has numerous clients in the UK and the US, the company has expanded the geography of partners with whom it works. Now, it includes all parts of the world: America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Way to grow. How KindGeek became KindGeek

The KindGeeks team does not just follow the trends but enjoys to make additional value, working on its projects. Speaking about fintech, it becomes stronger than in previous years. The fintech markets grow in such regions as Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In many countries there, a lot of people can access financial tools only through mobile. And KindGeek is proud to deliver efficient financial tools to people in those regions, developing Diaspora, customer-friendly banking applications for South Africa, and iBantu, Malaysia’s first insurance app.

On the way to the company development, we at KindGeek cared about the most convenient customer experience and put the customers’ success first. On the other hand, we do our best to present the IT environment of the city of Lviv to attract software development consumers to Ukraine. That is why we created the LvivLand project – to explore our native city with people from all over the world and show its intellectual and cultural potential. But obviously, the core value of all our performance is the high-quality products and services provided to more than 20 countries.

Our way

We have been evolving in our special way. We try to fit our steps into the logic of world processes, not copying them but following our vision. The main goal of our activity is to remain the most effective partner for our clients. After all, we believe that the ability to understand clients’ needs is the goal of any effective and responsible business. Our mission is to help our partners with solving their problems, as well as to build strong and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and support.

Today, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we clearly understand that even a crisis can be another step on the way to success. Every period of our development, especially in such times as the global crisis, provides us with new lessons, experience, and take-outs. Passing the challenges, we get opportunities and make crucial decisions. So, 2020, after all, awarded the KindGeek with an effective step. To grow into a stronger company and pass the way for further improvement, we add to our C-Board a position of a CTO. And who can better fit this role if not Michael Kramarenko?

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