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Launch your custom GPT Powered AI Support Assistant

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AI assistant solution

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  • Your business needs to provide a quick, personalized, and human-like service to build strong customer relationships that propel your business growth and help maximize revenue potential.
  • Advanced AI chatbot can help you do that and even more.
  • Now, with OpenAI's GPT models fine-tuning, creating a custom, fully functional conversational chatbot has never been easier.
  • We offer technical advisory, GPT-powered AI assistant integration, and prompt engineering services to help you deliver superb customer experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and cut costs by automating your first-line customer support.
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Supercharge Your product with a GPT-driven chatbot

Seamlessly connect your custom ChatGPT assistant to any of your communication channels

Your application

Embed advanced AI chatbot into your application to enhance customer engagement and deliver an outstanding AI assistant experience.


Integrate the customer service AI chatbot into your website for comprehensive and fully-integrated customer support interactions.

Messaging platforms

Connect the smart AI chatbot to popular messaging apps to expand your presence and enable customers to easily communicate with your business within their preferred channels.


Extend your support team with AI assistant features

Product-specific queries

Provide instant assistance for app- and service-related questions, and guide your customers through processes in a human-like manner based on your existing knowledge base.

Industry-specific queries

Leverage the AI chatbot's out-of-the-box knowledge to provide added convenience for customers seeking a better understanding of some domain-specific concepts.

Account management

Empower users to directly manage their accounts via pre-trained commands for streamlined and efficient control over their personal information, security settings, and more.

Transition to a human agent

In case of complex queries, a smart AI chatbot grants a seamless handover to human support teams, ensuring a smooth customer experience and providing context for faster problem resolution.

Personal assistant

Add a touch of personalization to customer interactions with AI personal assistant, helping users efficiently navigate your product with personalized responses, tailored recommendations, and helpful insights.

Onboarding process

Enable AI-powered onboarding for both new customers and recently hired employees to deliver consistent and user-friendly experiences while saving time and resources across your organization.

Internal help desk

Utilize an intelligent AI assistant to streamline processes and support staff with prompt informational assistance to enhance productivity, reduce cross-departmental dependencies, and elevate employee experience.


AI support assistant implementation flow

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Business case
analysis /
Feasibility study
Training set
fine tuning
Integration with
an application
Monitoring and Refinement
Quality Evaluation

Foundation of AI specific discovery phase

Build on the top of widely accepted CPMAI methodology , CRISP-DM framework


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Explore how you can boost your customer service and slash excessive operational costs with an AI assistant solution

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Prompt 24/7 support.

Resolve customer issues and address requests lightning-fast, even during off-hours

Conversational skills.

Provide impressive, human-like digital experiences to engage your customers

Human emotion recognition.

Decipher human sentiment to craft empathetic responses

Personalized service.

Deliver personalized journeys to make customers feel truly valued and appreciated

Contextual awarenesses.

Adapt to preferences, and maintain context across conversations for more relevant interactions

Multichannel support.

Ensure holistic and consistent experience across every communication channel

Continuous model improvement.

Enhance your AI chatbot's performance continually as you gather more data

Automation at scale.

Enjoy reliable and efficient automation on a larger scale

Streamlined operations.

Optimize workflows to save time and effort for both customers and staff

Voice and text commands.

Seamlessly interact with a chatbot in the most convenient way possible

Robust security.

Fueled by fine-tuning and additional safeguards to ensure bulletproof protection

Powered by OpenAI's GPT

Outstanding customer care based on cutting-edge AI


Exploring collaborative opportunities for AI support assistant integration

End-to-end integration

Starting from 4-6 weeks

Kindgeek provides an A-Z integration of an AI-powered virtual assistant. Our experts study your unique business requirements and operational workflows and take care of GPT model fine-tuning to align it with your brand and customize it for your specific business needs. We ensure a seamless and efficient integration of the trained AI assistant into your communication channels and existing infrastructure.

  • Discovery/Audit
  • Feasibility Study
  • Data Collection
  • Data Set Preparation
  • AI Model Fine-tuning
  • Integration with an application
  • Monitoring and Refinement
  • Supervision/governance during the process
  • Maintenance
  • LM/LLM Quality Evaluation

Technical advisory services

Starting from 3 weeks

Kindgeek offers in-depth technical support for AI assistant integration. We work closely with you to assess your requirements and analyze your workflows to identify areas where AI can streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Our professionals provide you with a practical strategy and insights for AI support assistant integration tailored to your unique business needs and work with your team shoulder-to-shoulder, assisting them through the whole integration journey.

  • Discovery/Audit
  • Feasibility Study
  • Supervision/governance during the process
  • Maintenance
  • LM/LLM Quality Evaluation

Prompt engineering services

Starting from 2 weeks

Kindgeek can help you craft the perfect prompts for your business flows to elicit desired responses from your customer service AI assistant. We work closely with you to understand your brand voice, business needs, target audience, and the specific tasks you want your chatbot to handle. Our skilled prompt engineers will then design a tailor-made set of prompts that capture the essence of your business and deliver exceptional user experiences.

  • Discovery/Audit
  • Feasibility Study
  • AI Model Fine-tuning
  • Integration with an application
  • Prompt Engineer Guidance
  • Maintenance
  • LM/LLM Quality Evaluation

Why consider Kindgeek as your trusted AI solution partner

Kindgeek is a one-stop-shop product development partner, empowering finance, education, healthcare, and other businesses with innovative digital solutions. More than 200 companies have trusted Kindgeek to build their MVPs, products, and scale engineering teams.

Recognizing industry challenges and the power of OpenAI GPT, Kindgeek expertly bridges the gap between AI innovation and a practical, ready-to-use application for business to help companies leverage the transformational potential generative AI carries to their customer service and operational processes.

With solid expertise and hands-on experience with GPT intricacies, our experts determine the most performative model per your specific business case and tailor the solution to align seamlessly with your objectives.

Whatever your unique needs are – be it end-to-end integration, technical advisory, or prompt engineering – we meet you at any point along your journey and help you navigate digital transformation with confidence, offering clarity and support every step of the way.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a chatbot and a virtual AI assistant?

The main difference between the two lies in their capabilities. Chatbots are mainly focused on answering basic questions, while AI virtual assistant is designed to build human-like, personalized interactions with the customer, handle more complex queries, and carry out tasks, helping users manage different aspects of their lives more efficiently due to the breadth of its advanced AI capabilities.

Can I use other generative models to build custom AI virtual agents?

Yes, it is possible. If the generative model you like provides API access and allows for fine-tuning, our experts are able to customize it for your use cases and seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence in business infrastructure and within your communication channels.

What security measures do AI assistants powered by GPT employ?

When customized with fine-tuning, the AI model powering your chatbot becomes a private one. It means that no one, except for you and your customers, can see your unique product features and offerings. Additionally, the model ensures the utmost privacy by abstaining from operating with the user's private data. Instead, it utilizes protected functions and securely transmits data in an encrypted way.

What industries can benefit from using smart AI agents?

Smart AI chatbots can bring transformational benefits to businesses in various customer-oriented industries by enhancing digital service, boosting engagement, streamlining processes, and improving operational efficiency. Some of the industries that can benefit most from using smart AI chatbots include financial services, healthcare, retail, and more.

Where can I use an AI assistant in fintech?

There are many different areas where you can apply a smart AI assistant in the fintech industry. With the help of AI in fintech, you can provide helpful, human-like support, deliver impeccable, personalized customer service, convenient self-service options, streamline internal operations, and remarkably boost your employees' productivity.

What are the reasons to choose an AI-powered assistant for fintech?

Advanced AI chatbot in fintech is a powerful asset that helps companies deliver efficient, human-like digital service that fosters loyalty to the business and makes it stand out in the competitive fintech landscape. Not to mention streamlined internal operations, enhancement in productivity, and overall cost savings from automation they can reap and redirect to turbocharge other areas of the business.

Is it possible to connect some additional features to a smart AI chatbot?

Yes, AI assistant integration for support is designed to be flexible, so our developers can implement new functionality and connect any necessary third parties according to your unique business needs.

Is there a difference between ChatGPT and GPT?

Yes, there is. Simply put, ChatGPT refers to an AI chatbot by OpenAI, while GPT is a language model that stands behind ChatGPT technology. Being produced by OpenAI, both ChatGPT and GPT have open APIs that allow developers to connect apps to them. However, for business applications, especially customer care, it's better to go for fine-tuning and customize your own GPT model with your business data for more accurate responses, enhanced capabilities, and data privacy and security reasons.

What is fine-tuning, and why is it rewarding?

Fine-tuning is a technique used to customize pre-trained models, just like OpenAI's GPT, by training it with additional data and optimizing essential parameters. This process allows businesses to adapt the model to new data while also leveraging the model's out-of-the-box knowledge and its outstanding NLP capabilities. Besides, with fine-tuning, you can achieve better, more accurate responses and enhanced performance on your use cases, and rest assured knowing that none of your data is used by OpenAI to train their AI platform because the fine-tuned model becomes your own.

Is ChatGPT good for business use?

ChatGPT as a virtual assistant might not be a good fit for business applications, especially customer care, because it does not support fine-tuning (customization) necessary to hone it properly on your business data and specific tasks. What's more, ChatGPT in fintech and other highly regulated industries, raises significant concerns associated with data privacy and security risks. However, GPT models, the brain behind ChatGPT, do support fine-tuning, making it possible to build a custom, business-specific version of ChatGPT and leverage its power for your specific business needs.

Does ChatGPT support fine-tuning?

No, it does not because it's an AI product, not an AI model. However, it is still possible to build custom ChatGPT assistants completely based on your business data and optimized for your specific needs. Such AI solutions are driven by GPT models – the ones that stand behind the remarkable ChatGPT and support the fine-tuning feature.