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Few cybersecurity facts, we have to think about

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News is screaming 24/7 that something dangerous is always going on somewhere. These are different kinds of attacks, for example, military, psychological, political, cyber. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of ways of protection, and it is also important to be acquainted with trends, to know in which direction is everything moving. This is not a call to be scared, it is just a reason for discovery.

While our CEO Anton Skrypnyk is having the panel discussion with Mykhaylo Shmelyov – National Technology Officer for CEE Multicountry Europe Microsoft, and Yaanika Merilo – Acting Deputy Mayor of Dnipro, an expert at innovations and e-services for such hot topic as cybersecurity at ІССА Central European Chapter Summer Meeting, where dozens of industry professionals from about 15 different countries will come together and talk about “Safety and Security of Our Meetings”, we’ve prepared a little article to fill you in the topic or to give you some food for thought about recent cybersecurity main points.

It is convenient to use electronic versions of any services, look at how e-Commerce is moving forward and permeates all our activities. And it is just an example, there are more e-Services, also e-Governance, that is developing, increasing its influence in our life. And don’t lie that you don’t like its features. And it is the irreversible process, new must reality of the modern world, although it brings its new threats with security.

Perhaps it is not a secret, that privacy doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone knows that it is hard to accept though. Thus, any digital information could be hacked, it could be analyzed and used.

In fact, it is about any information, not only someone might claim money for. There are Data Science Predictive analysis and the use of information from social media. So it is possible to predict massive or individual behavior according to personal information.

According to that, there is the need of leading a Chief Information Officer on the country level and force the development of this kind of legal protection.

And it is impossible not to mention cybersecurity trends such as BlockChain as a new paradigm of the internet with distributed databases as a first step to open data.

This is an important theme not only for conferences, so let’s talk!

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