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KindGeek is featured on the Top Design Firms list

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We are happy to announce that KindGeek is featured on the Top Design Firms list.

At KindGeek, we follow some principles, which are the cornerstones of every design-related decision. Sence of beauty is one of those principles – and it is also one out of 5 KindGeek company values. Every time we design a product, we strive to make it beautiful, simple, human-centered and driven by business value.

At KindGeek, we also believe in the product-oriented approach. We want our customers to succeed, improve, and grow with our design expertise.

It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to celebrate everything our design team has accomplished so far – and all that still lays ahead.

If you’ve got a mountain to climb with your product, you can be sure that your journey will be easy and safe with the KindGeek team of developers and UI/UX designers, as our clients mention. See more feedback on our Clutch profile

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