TechTram 30/06


May 30 we’ve took a trip by our special TechTram. Those lucky guys who have got into, had an opportunity to listen to our awesome project managers Oksana Tymoshchuk and Oleh Yakubiv about development of personal finances and our biggest project - life. The main questions were: what, why and how to deal with that?


So little bit more about this trip.






How can you develop your current and long-term assets? How to choose priorities? We have a lot of questions about finances usually.


If you had a choice to get $1000 now or in 1 year – what would you do? Of course you would take it now! And that is why: you should never forget about time value of money. For example, by taking these $1000 now, you could at least put them on the deposit bank account and in a year to have $1100, instead of losing this $100 by taking money later. Money today always worth more then money tomorrow!


Ok, we’re done with finances for now. Let’s talk about life now. No, this is not about philosophy, this is about project management. This is wonderful scope of life-hacks that we forget to use usually by unknown reason.






So I picked few recommendation after Oleh’s speech about project management tools for you:


- right partition of (time), (cost) and (energy) on (scope) = (quality). In lifetime frames “quality” is very subjective, but you know what is quality for yourself, so you can define all priorities, just use the formula);

- your goals: life should consist of long- and short-terms goals, reaching smaller one you might be closer to bigger one;

- to make a right choice ask yourself “are my goals Specific




                                                                                Time terminated.


If a goal is not achievable now - use it as a motivation!

TechTram is new interactive event for networking, professional and self development, and simply pleasant freetime spending in comfortable enviroment. You can take a trip every month in different IT spaces. Our TechTram drivers choose various subjects related to technologies, development etc.


Follow us and be aware of our next event and next place for it. This is going to be something interesting!