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What is convenient about and why do you need it

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Probably you know that we have a special offer for StartUps and, I guess, it’s time to talk about them and how to arrange one. First of all, we are an IT company and our goal is to help your idea to be implemented tech-wise. What about that? Let’s see.

There are different areas you have to find a specialist to care about, for example, marketing, web development, IT consulting, etc. These fields are very important so it’s going to be pretty serious research. Probably you want to tell me: “Fine, but where can I start my research?”

Good question. For this kind of research, it would be pretty profitable to use The resource is a perfect place to find the best firms for your next big project. The site collects information, research data, and real reviews on hundreds of Advertising & Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Software Development, Web and Mobile App Development, and IT Consulting companies throughout the world. Don’t mind we are getting money for advertising, this is only a piece of advice, so you can save some time and choose a company that will make your business look nice and useful(!).

I have no doubts to suggest this platform because of its several features. First of all, it is always about money, and here you can find an average budget and evaluation of companies you are interested in.

 Second of all (which actually has to be the first), it is about quality/result/satisfaction, which you and your future clients will get. There you have an opportunity for the review of different kinds of companies’ projects and features they gave to those projects, and also some feedback from previous clients.

Where does the take this information? There is a whole evaluation system, which is called the Ability to Deliver. It is composed of three evaluation criteria, each with some special metrics.

The first criteria, as is already mentioned, references and reviews. The client’s feedback experience is the most eloquent component. It is weighted by project size and complexity and the scoring includes such elements as:
  • quality – Quality of services and deliverables;
  • cost – Overall value and conformance to cost estimates;
  • schedule – Ability to meet deadlines and meet agreed on project schedules;
  • willingness to refer – Willingness to refer a colleague to the company.
Then go clients and experience part – the second criteria, which evaluates a portfolio and types of projects completed for those clients. The main points for evaluation are following:
  • clients are the characteristics of the company’s clients and about delivering to discerning global brands or a less sophisticated client set by this firm;
  • experience is about how deep is the company’s experience as communicated through case studies and illustration with case studies an ability to deliver complex projects and create value;
  • proof points of focus are about how well does the firm’s experience aligns with their stated services strategy and areas of focus.
And the 3rd criterion is market presence. Here were considered the following questions in developing the market presence score:
  • marketing presence – is the company information presented in a clear and professional manner that inspires confidence and does their corporate website also provide consistent, high-quality information with clear examples of past work?
  • reputation – has the firm developed a strong reputation and authority in their chosen sector and is it reflected in third party media sources?
  • accolades – has the firm won industry recognition or awards?
  • social media – does the company have a social media presence that reinforces its brand position and domain authority?

These evaluation criteria are used depending on the specific of the company. For example, in the area of Mobile Application Development, the Leader’s matrix has two focus areas. Both User Interface (UI) design and the technical aspects of Mobile Application Development are important for complex app projects. As for me, it looks pretty convenient.

This is a kind of a catalog for the best tech-part executors for your project.

To find a contractor you need, first, choose one of the domains. Then check Leaders Matrices where firms are mapped based on their focus and ability to deliver. Then explore their profiles with all the information and rates. And, finally, browse their clients’ reviews. Then just contact the chosen company and start your collaboration!

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