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B2P sales – to me or not to me, is it a question? Few tips from Anton Skrypnyk

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Last weekend our co-founder and CEO Anton Skrypnyk had a speech at BDMSummit. The main point was very important but pretty simple: “B2P” or business to people — what is that and how to use it?

B2P is understanding your audience and in this paradigm, Anton Skrypnyk and Yuriy Gnatyuk have grown KindGeek to 130 professionals less than in 2 years.

Meanwhile, any business can exist without sales, this is its blood. And for good sales, obviously, you have to build a marketing strategy as a heart that pumps this blood.

You don`t have to be a wizard to make good sales. You just have to remember about systemic actions, communication, and, of course, agreement!

And few more tips, things you have to evolve:

  • passion;
  • speed;
  • naked service;
  • integrated marketing;
  • and do not forget about the same goals and values.

You might be confused about naked service: what is it about?

First of all, this is how to build a close relationship with a client. And the second thing is humility, selflessness, and transparency for the good of a client.

Values — this is what makes each company special. Trust, transparency, social responsibility, and sense of beauty — this is what makes KindGeek special, isn’t it?

P.s.: it is.

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