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What makes users happy today

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While a huge amount of users (and the Earth’s population) are joining the iPhone 8 and iPhone X announcement, we also enjoy the news’ atmosphere. So there is a lot of new stuff. Perhaps, lots of you are excited about the screen size and resolution, the unlocking system without Touch ID, and the 3D-emojis of course.
Besides, there was the Galaxy Note8 introduced in August, the Android 8.0 Oreo released, and the presentation of the Xiaomi upgrade. Moreover, there is going to be more, for example, Google Pixel 2 presentation.
Pretty saturated start of autumn, isn’t it?
But what about development and upgrades for your apps?

We are glad to affirm that we are ready to upgrade and implement a full-cycle software development such as new design & features according to look and feel of brand new iPhone X and iOs 11, also Android Oreo and Pixel 2. And of course, we are excited to see the results.

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