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Why Ukrainian Software Outsourcing Flourishes

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Ukrainian IT outsourcing success is an achievement of the local workforce. Proficient employees, who are able to handle different tasks efficiently, are the core of the Ukrainian software development industry, while economic factors and a convenient taxation system are very pleasant bonuses.

The outsourcing field continues to grow as well as the quality and quantity of the professionals. The desire to participate in a perspective and popular niche is one of the factors that fuel the growth of the Ukrainian software development industry. However, considering the ever-growing number of employees, an assumption that this is the definitive factor would be an understatement.

We determined 4 ingredients that are essential for generating demanded and competent workforce on such a scale.

Ukrainian Software Outsourcing


A good education is a foundation of professional success, especially, in the IT sector, which requires a lot of highly specialized knowledge or an ability to learn fast. 

Ukraine is one of the most educated countries in the world. According to WorldAtlass, in Ukraine, “46% of adults have achieved a tertiary level education,” while due to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, “99.7% of Ukrainians are literate.” Furthermore, Ukraine has the highest number of certified engineer graduates in Europe. 

Education is particularly important because it forges a certain worldview and provides a framework for further development. Therefore, a lot of Ukrainian citizens are suitable for a job that requires an ability to learn and adapt fast, which exactly what the software development sector is.

Besides, there are a lot of paid and free IT courses in Ukraine, so a person who has a desire to become a part of the niche but does not have the required background and skills can attend those courses to obtain the essentials. The best students get job offers.  


Ukrainian developers tend to start their careers quite early. In some instances, people begin to work for outsourcing companies before their 20s while they are still studying at universities.

At the same time, software companies provide their employees with a flexible schedule so students are able to attend classes. 

It means that after graduation, they already have a lot of experience as well as knowledge, which makes them an invaluable asset. 


There are more than 90,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, which results in a highly-competitive professional environment. And even though the demand is high, the amount of people who wish to become developers, QAs, or UI/UX designers is higher. It means that only the most talented, skilled, and persistent get the job offers.

It is also important to mention that such a situation applies not only to developers but to Human Relation Managers, Business Analysts, Business Development Managers, and other employees who work for software development companies as well.  


Ukraine is a young country and only makes its very first steps in the global arena. Its citizens are building their homes. They realize their responsibility and the necessity to manifest their potential to the world. The realization of such responsibility is a powerful motivation. 

As a result, they have that unique drive and persistence that pushes them further. 

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