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Fintech continues to disrupt modern economy, and building reliable software is a necessity for people who desire to be a part of this process. Here at KindGeek, we realize that advanced security that comes along with flawless functionality and intuitive user experience is the foundation for developing outstanding digital fintech solutions that transform the way people manage their resources. Our work is to help you re-imagine the world of finance and make it a more convenient and user-friendly place to be.
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What KindGeek provides

Clients should feel safe and comfortable using your service, and KindGeek ensures that your customers will receive reliable software protected by the cutting-edge security technologies solution and with intuitive design. We received solid experience developing fintech applications and services that provide fast response rates and effortless user-flow and include
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  • High-load data management solutions
  • CRM (customer relationship management) systems
  • Transaction management systems
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
  • Blockchain solutions
  • Automation of financial processes
Regardless, whether you are a retail company, bank, trade company, payment platform, or any other organization that deals with finances, we will tackle your fintech software challenges in a timely fashion. Focus on delivering outstanding Financial service or polishing your business, while KindGeek handles technical aspects and develops a custom software solution that suits your needs and manifests your vision.
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Our Projects



A system for managing personal finances, which an individual saves for different purposes, is included. This platform is also works as a financial “bridge” between consumers and merchants.
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Tradeshift is redefining how buyers and suppliers work together. Here's a closer look at how we're shaking up the procure-to-pay industry.
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To come up with a good business idea may be a difficult task. But to find investors when you already have one can be an even more challenging work. It is difficult to imagine the number of great companies that could have been emerged on the market if they did not have troubles finding investors. YouCapital breaks down the walls that divide money and opportunity. The app connects investors to businesses that need funding from Startups to Mid-Market. YouCapital makes the business more accessible and less stressful experience.
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