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Huge Investment to Boost Ukrainian IT Outsourcing

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The proficient, diligent, and cost-effective labour force of Ukraine has made the country one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations. This fact was acknowledged by Gartner in 2014 and by GSA UK awards in 2017. In 2015, outsourcing has become the third biggest sector in Ukraine by an export with $2.5 billion, and this number continues to grow. 

Now, Ukraine is celebrating a new landmark on the path of its technological and economic advancements. One of the biggest investors, Brookfield Asset Management, alongside others supported the potential of the country with $160 million of investments in real estate object, IT Park. For reference, the estimated price of Googleplex, Google’s HQ in the US, is $120 million.

Investment in Ukrainian IT Outsourcing

Not only the investment sum is staggering but also this is a display of trust from the international company with 115 years of experience that invested in such real assets as

Canary Wharf (one of the main financial centers of the UK, located in London)

Potsdamer Platz (famous public space in the center of Berlin)

ICD Place (the first major project in the central district of Dubai International Finance Center)

Bank of America Plaza (class-A office skyscraper)

IT Park will be constructed in Lviv, which is not strange as the city is one of the most promising cities for IT outsourcing with more than 15,000 professionals and 200 companies (including KindGeek) working in the field.  

The project includes offices, hotels, kindergarten, tech labs, libraries, shared workplaces, public spaces, and university campuses. As follows, IT Park will provide not only a convenient working space but an environment for modern education. The first buildings will be ready for exploitation in 2021.

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