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KindGeek – is a company of ambitious professionals.

Our main idea is very simple – to help smart people, entrepreneurs, companies with the technical aspects of the project. We give them the opportunity to focus on business while we do what we do the best – amazing software development.
The company supports start-ups and SMEs. Their customers are in the US, Europe, Asia, and South Africa. KindGeek was founded in February 2015, based on four principles that they practice every day. Namely, trust, openness, sense of beauty, and social responsibility. We are open to people. We believe that the only way to achieve results – to do the right things with the right people.

Company KindGeek and Lviv IT Cluster united by our common values and dreams of the great steps, that change the world here and now. Our mission and goals of this system, positive Lviv and Ukraine transformation and to attract Ukrainians potential to constant innovation. We see that the accession to Lviv IT Cluster will help our company to influence society effectively and build a common long-term strategy to create a platform change for people who are dedicated to the great and positive purpose.

– Anton Skrypnyk CEO at KindGeek
Ukrainian Software Development Company

Over the past year, IT Cluster became much more than just organization. It is a community of like-minded members where they sharing common principles and ideals. They prepared to joint efforts to improve the eco-system and IT environment of the city and, of course, to promote their development. Kind Geek and IT Cluster have a common vision, which will provide long-term and fruitful cooperation. Therefore, we sincerely glad that the community updated with a new and progressive company

said Stephen Veselovsky CEO at Lviv IT Cluster
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