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KindGeek New Year Party 2017

1 Mins read
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KindGeek: 7 years of turning an idea into reality

6 Mins read
On February 17th, 2015, Yuriy Gnatyk and Anton Skrypnyk laid the fist stone for launching KindGeek. Since then, we grew into a…
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Coffee, innovations, and partnership: Coffee King and KindGeek

3 Mins read
Sean le Tissier is a British entrepreneur and founder of Coffee King, an innovative startup that rethinks the coffee culture. Sean recently visited Lviv and KindGeek. In this talk with Sean, we covered the Coffee King story as well as cooperation with KindGeek.
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The «AirQ» sensor In Lviv kindergarten is established the first "smart" sensor

1 Mins read
In Lviv kindergarten is established the first “smart” sensor to make it easier to observe a proper level of humidity, light, and temperature in educational institutions.

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