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Last weekend our geeks Nazariy Hazdun, Myroslav Kuchma, Pavlo Kytsmey, Rossof Rostislav, and their friends were Blockchain Hackathon`s members in Kyiv (Ukraine) with their project “E-Voting for ensuring anonymity and minimizing the pressure on voters”.

As the story goes, geeks found out about the blockchain hackathon two days before the event. The team was gathered within 2 hours. Since all our geeks are very passionate about blockchain technologies the decision was to participate. We wanted to do something that matters to all of us, we spent all day debating what problems everybody is facing and decided to improve elections.


The problem of unfair elections is faced systematically in Ukraine and touches every citizen of the country. People do not trust election results and are insecure about counting in the election system. This project aims to solve this problem. The solution is meant to eliminate the need to have trusted people who are counting votes. In addition to the main problem, we are helping people under pressure to make their fair vote and also assuring their anonymity.
We are hoping that our effort will find its application in Ukraine. We are hoping that voters will be secure about the election’s fairness. We are hoping that we will make every vote count!

Interesting Points:

  • Anonymity for Voters
  • Transparency
  • Integrity of Votes
  • Avoid Unregistered Votes
  • Eliminating pressure for people who are under it
Blockchain Hackathon

Why BlockChain?

Blockchain ensures the integrity and transparency of votes. In addition, blockchain provides incontrovertible proof of what is happening and has happened during an election.

It’s definitely a significant step to improve the voting process.

We are glad that in KindGeek Software are such proactive people.

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