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Kingeek & Vottun announcing a partnership

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May 2023 – we are excited to announce a new partnership between Kindgeek and Vottun, a leading blockchain-based digital credentials and certifications provider.

At Kindgeek, we are committed to delivering exceptional software development and IT consulting services and fintech white-label solutions to our clients. We uphold trust as one of our cornerstones, and our partnership with Vottun aligns perfectly with our values.

Vottun’s platform allows for the secure and transparent issuance and verification of digital credentials and certifications. This technology can revolutionize various industries, from education and healthcare to fintech – our key domain. We are pleased to have Vottun by our side as we focus on innovative projects and technological challenges.

By partnering with Vottun, we can offer our clients cutting-edge solutions for identity verification, credentialing, and secure data sharing. Our product-oriented approach, combined with Vottun’s cutting-edge technology, empowers us to enhance transparency and trust while reducing costs in fintech solutions. 

Together, we will develop innovative fintech software solutions that light up the industry like the Northern Lights. Stay tuned for more updates on our joint projects and initiatives.

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