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New image, same values: Kindgeek unveils new branding

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For almost 8 years Kindgeek has been growing. We have been exploring and reaching new peaks. Proudly celebrated victories and learned from experience. Yes, we’ve come a long way. 

Now, stepping into the new 2023, we are pleased to announce the new branding of Kindgeek. For us, that’s a significant milestone to mark years of sustainable growth, celebrate numerous international achievements, and a more improved focus.

Through eight years of work, Kindgeek has experienced three major crises: the beginning of war in the east of Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic, and a full-scale war, yet none has affected our growth.

Throughout all of that time, Kindgeek continues to show stability and expands. From a few-people team with a start-up-like spirit, we have grown into a mature company of 200+ ambitious and passionate professionals who share the same values we do.

“The vision that we used to inspire people to join us during the first months has now become a reality. We formed a portfolio of successful projects and created a place people wanted to work in.”

Anton Skrypnyk, CEO of Kindgeek

Over the years, we have developed 100+ products, more than 20 of which gained millions of investments and reached a self-financing milestone. 

Besides building products for our clients, we have created some of our own, so we know what it takes to build the ones people like. We believe in a product-oriented approach and build products with a focus on the final users.

Since the Kindgeek launch, we have always aimed to be a platform for positive change for our clients and employees. That is why our most outstanding achievement lies in building meaningful partnerships with clients where we benefit and scale altogether, making this world a little better place to be.

We are who we are. But we have grown. Young at heart but mature in mind.

And that’s why we embrace rebrand, proudly manifesting Kindgeek’s evolution with a new image, yet with the same core values of trust, transparency, social responsibility, and a sense of beauty.

Elegant simplicity with a meaning behind 

We have grown and matured. With expertise being deeper and capabilities broader, we strive to help enterprises build innovative products and solve complex business challenges.

“When I joined Kindgeek, first as a consultant and later – as a CTO, it was still a young company. Now we work on a different level – with more technically complex projects, enterprise clients, better processes, innovative technologies, mature employees.”

Michael Kramarenko, CTO of Kindgeek

Our original logo has been refined to reflect every bit of the sour and sweet experience we gained over the years, renewed perspective, and bolder business objectives.

Sophisticated in its simplicity, now our logo is constructed proportionately and accompanied by an elegant icon.

Three arrows cross the square and form the distinctive logomark.

Each of its elements symbolizes special meaning to us as a company.

In the world of sunsets, we are the Northern Lights

We have collected valuable experiences. And our unique path has shaped who we are now.

“People who joined us on our path formed the company we are today. We became more professional, and we work with bigger clients on technologically advanced projects.”

Anton Skrypnyk, CEO of Kindgeek

The night landscape with polar lights has become our inspiration behind the updated color palette. Like colors unite and form a magnificent natural phenomenon, so our unique path formed who we have become. 

Northern lights sparkle with glory and vividly change, inspiring people and lighting the sky. And so do we at Kindgeek – shine bright and advance, fostering a positive change and making a difference.

National code always at core

We have grown. We reach a wider audience, build international connections, but don’t forget our national code and proudly manifest our Ukrainian roots.

“While interviewing candidates to join our team, we looked for intelligent people who also love and care about Ukraine. Match in values and principles is very important to us.”

Yuriy Gnatyuk, COO of Kindgeek

Ukraine is a picturesque country with hard-working, intelligent people who are brave and strong to battle for truth, drive innovations and thrive despite all odds.

Thus, we are honored that our Ukrainian identity is now expressed through our new branding. When multiplied, our brand icon forms a beautiful pattern. It can be used in other colors as it resembles and symbolizes our unique Ukrainian identity in such a way.

Moving up to the bright

With all of the above being said:

We are proud that our clients were able to raise almost $1B of investments in total with our software development and advisory services. 

We are proud to be recognized on the international tech stage for multiple years straight and be trusted by more and more clients.

And most importantly, we are proud to have built an exceptional team of 200+ people who manifest our values and push themselves to be better on behalf of our clients, each other, and our homeland, Ukraine.

Now, we move on with a new, more mature image. Yet, with the same core values and unwavering commitment to deliver excellent service to our clients and partners.

Yes, the times the world goes through are not easy. But the strongest are those who stay resilient no matter what and keep fighting for a better future and bring value whenever and wherever they are. And we are proud to be among such people.

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