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Are you a manager of a team, or an employer, either way, you are a part of a squad? Any list of personal skills requirements includes such a point as a team player. In fact, this is great that you are really good at whatever you do, or you can be absolutely right, it won’t matter with wrong communication though.
Here are few thoughts on how to improve the communication in your team.
Knowledge sharing. This is a reversible process. It is important to improve the ability to share the information and receive it as well. We hire professionals to use their skills and experience for good of the business we manage, so let’s take the most expensive value – the information, work for you.

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Let or make your employees tell the truth as soon as it appears, instead of when you ask only. It is better to fix a bug as soon as you learn about it. On the other hand, develop the ability of efficient reaction on this information.
Improve the corporate values. There is nothing more uniting for a team than common values. At the same time, the lack of common values may cause the decay of a team. It is not about some technical values ( development process and so on). This is our human side we are talking about. Although not everyone will adhere to each worth, team members with common values are much more productive and satisfied.
These points are included in such important things as corporate culture. For this reason, create and improve it, and don’t forget to start from yourself.

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