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Top Investors in European FinTech Startups 2020

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In 2018, $254 billion were invested in 18.000 fintech startups — a 40% percent growth compared to 2017. In 2019, the UK — a European FinTech powerhouse — beat its previous FinTech investment record by $1.3 billion reaching $4.9 billion. The world is hyped about FinTech. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, the 2020 FinTech investments show a slight decline, though they remain impressive enough considering the situation. With the steady growth and determination of FinTech startup investors, FinTech is predicted to reach $4.7 trillion in valuation. Plenty of innovative and lucrative fresh fintech companies start changing finance industries in countries all over the world. No wonder that investing in FinTech startups is an attractive and popular option among venture capitalists. 

This article will highlight some of the top fintech investors that fund early-stage startups and thus help bring the industry and our hype around it to the next level.  


1. Early-Stage Investments in FinTech
2. Top Fintech Investors 
3. Conclusion

Early-Stage Investments in FinTech

Investment is a tricky subject — balancing between potentially risky but equally rewarding opportunities and safer options, choosing where, when, and how much to invest, doing your best to find stable success in the unstable environment of startups — it is both a craft and a slight gamble. It is especially true for early-stage startup investments, which require additional consideration and thoroughness. This ‘game of funds’ isn’t for the faint of heart. However, seeing the companies you invested in grow and achieve success — is an unforgettable feeling. Lately, investments in the active and innovating FinTech industry have been particularly significant; and, rightly so considering the impact the industry has on the economy and market. Venture capital companies who invest in early-stage startups help to push innovation and develop markets all over the world. 

Top Investors in European FinTech Startups
Top Investors in European FinTech Startups

Here at Kindgeek, with the focus on FinTech development, we are particularly interested in the industry’s investment as it helps us better understand its trends and desired features. Therefore, here are some of the best fintech investors/ top investors in European fintech startups 2020.

Top Fintech Investors 

Here, we gathered some of the most active European fintech investors and top early-stage fintech investors from other countries. The companies in this list are presented in no particular order. 

Amadeus Capital Development

Amadeus Capital Development is one of the top fintech seed investors, which also invests in AI, Media, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Hardware companies based in the UK as well as medium-stage companies from emerging markets. As an avid early-stage startup investor, ACD helped a lot of companies to get on their feet.  

Website and Crunchbase page

Acton Capital Partners 

Acton Capital was founded in 1999 and since then it has been laser-focused on helping young tech companies grow. Now, it’s one of the most active growth-stage venture capital companies with an average of 5-6 million euros of investments per company, 50% of exits so far, and over 80 startups funded.  

Website and Crunchbase page


SeedCamp is a London-based accelerator with more than 350 UK startups they funded. Among SeedCamps are Revolut, Transferwise, Curve, WealthKernel, and many others.

Website and Crunchbase page

500 Startups 

500 Startups is an early-stage venture fund and accelerator with an impressive 2400 startups invested in over 75 different countries among which a bright variety of FinTech startups for every taste. 

Website and Crunchbase page


Anthemis is a London early-stage FinTech investor, which is focused on innovative financial software companies and also helping to build companies in white space where no organizations exist yet. 

Website and Crunchbase page

Index Ventures

Index Ventures is an investment company that focuses mostly on innovative FinTech, Business Services, and Communication companies that aim at a broad market. Founded in 

Website and Crunchbase page

NFT Ventures

NFT Venture is a Fintech-focused Sweden company and one of the most active fintech investors in Europe. NFT has an ambitious mission to become “the primary partner for driving next-generation fintech companies.” So far, they have been doing their best to live up to their ambition as in six years of existence, the company invested in 48 innovative startups 

Website and Crunchbase page.  


SpeedInvest focuses on Fintech, Insurtech, Industrial Tech, Deep Tech, Digital Health, Consumer Tech. So far, SpeedInvest has invested in more than 140 companies among which Curve, Tide, and WeFox.

Website and Crunchbase page. 

Balderton Capital

With more than 100 early-stage investments made during 20 years, Balderton Capital is among the biggest Europe-based fintech investors and venture companies. Among their investing endeavors were Revolut, Betfair, Wagestream, and Sophia genetics. 

Website and Crunchbase page

Kima Ventures

With 550+ investments, Kima Ventures is among the most active early-stage investors in the world. Kima states that they “back 2 startups per week.” The majority of their FinTech investments are seed rounds. They invested in Transferwise, Carta, Emma. 

Website and Crunchbase page


Finding investors for a FinTech startup is a lot of work and often — frustration and exhaustion. The dedication and passion that goes into this difficult task should be off the charts to achieve success.

If you are planning on going to investors, but you are not sure whether you have enough to show and interest them, Kindgeek can help. We know what it takes to grab the attention of investors and transform ideas into appealing products, which investors are looking for in FinTech. Whether you have a rough idea or a sketch of what you want, we offer a Discovery Phase to provide you with the foundation for further development and a clickable prototype. Thus, depending on the chosen Discover Phase package, you would have: 

– product concept from Product Manager

– prototypes from Business Analyst

– a visual concept from UI/UX Designer

– architecture concept from System Architect

– estimates of development costs

Kindgeek offers a full-cycle development of FinTech projects of various complexities, security requirements, and UI standards. We know how to create products from scratch or on a white label fintech solution that drive business value, and thus, help to win the funding and loyalty of investors. 

We also provide our own solutions, such as a white label banking platform, which serves as a foundation for digital finance products. The customizable white-label core allows you to build on top of it and create a unique customer experience. No need to start from scratch – go to market quickly and cost-effectively. 

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