Comparison of Cross-Platform Development Tools

6 Mins read
Want your software product to reach the widest audience possible on the maximum number of devices? Want to make your application cross-platform? Get yourself ready to be intimidated by the number of OPTIONS; they are many. This article will help you figure out where to start with cross-platform software development.
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Tech Trends of This Year

4 Mins read
A lot of opportunities await, but an eager entrepreneur should be careful about trying to juggle too many balls at once and rather should stick to whatever their company does the best. Always remember that our game is not about the trends but about quality and making the world a little more convenient place to be. However, knowing tech trends can help you better manage your investments and implement relevant solutions.

New Instagram Video Hub IGTV - New Opportunity

1 Mins read
Long story short, YouTube should start to worry and think how to enhance its monetization algorithms and copyright rules to make them more content creators-friendly. If previously, the company could dawdle over optimization of their service, soon it could be a far too costly affair as a new and potentially dangerous competitor arises. Instagram will be launching its new video hub on June 20.

What Does a Business Analyst Do? Chronicles of Success and Tigers

4 Mins read
Making Projects Succeed and Dealing with Tigers. Imagine a small software company. Let’s call it ImCorp. The company has found a new customer who has a brilliant startup idea and who is ready to entrust ImCorp with it so the company can make the idea a reality. The customer basically says, “here you have my idea and my money. Do your best with them. And don’t you dare to ruin my expectations. Have fun! See you soon.”

Virtual Reality: an Unexpected Tendency

3 Mins read
So, are you going to tell us that some big companies struggle to implement virtual reality? That bunch of over-confident people in strict suits decided that they require it? Are you serious? Yes, they decided to do so because AR and VR technologies are huge now. And by “huge” I mean HUGE.

Location matters

2 Mins read
Although location lost its value nowadays, especially for those working in IT, there is a lack of information and a deep abyss of stereotypes about Ukraine and Lviv in particular in the world’s outlook. For this reason, we created such project as LvivLand, which would like to become your personal videopedia about Lviv…

What makes users happy today

1 Mins read
While a huge amount of users (and the Earth’s population) are joining the iPhone 8 and iPhone X announcement, we also enjoy the news’ atmosphere. But what about development and upgrades for your apps?