10 reasons to fall in love with developer

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In occasion of Valentine's day and a great love to our Geeks, we decided to share few thoughts why to love them.

1. For absolutely abstract love to absolutely abstract women.

2. He is able to find out incredible non-standard solutions in life, e.g. when you need to make a refrigerator for beer from a conditioner.

3. He is unassuming about food and unnoticed in everyday life.

4. Developers speak a very specific language, which other people do not understand, so you will think that your man is a genius and you are his muse.

5. Developers have a good memory. If he doesn't, he can code an app, which will help to remember your date of birth, the day of your first kiss and even your parents days of birth too.6.  He is a great listener, especially when he has a difficult algorithm to think over.

7. Developers can leave aside any troubles at one moment, just say him that a new just started. 

8. The easiest task, which could be done for few hours, will be resolved by using automation and development for just 2-3 days, but with a soul. As a result, the application will fix the original task, and with a little upgrade, it could control the spaceship though.

9. If not to love developers, there will be a need to learn back how to write on paper and create a library appointment.

10. Even back-end engineers in KindGeek have strong front-end skills, by all meanings.  

Written by Oleksandra Denysenko and Liliya Artym