How to Develop Vaccination Tracker Healthcare App


The history of the vaccination is long. Centuries ago, people tried to take some preventive steps to avoid diseases. And only in 1796, the first vaccine was invented. It was the smallpox vaccine, invented by English physician Edward Jenner. When humankind had defeated smallpox in 1979, it already killed an estimated 300–500 million people only in the 20th century. And the first evidence of smallpox dates to the 3rd century B.C. in Egypt.

Vaccination stimulates the body's adaptive immunity to help prevent sickness. It is the most effective method of preventing infections. Due to the greatly reduced incidence of many diseases in multiple countries and regions, mass vaccination campaigns were widely accepted. In everyday language, vaccination has a similar meaning to immunization. According to the global survey in 2015, even in the strongest vaccination-skeptic countries, less than 41% of the population think that vaccines are unsafe. Among the skeptics are France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Greece, Mongolia, Japan, and Vietnam.


Table of contents:

Immunization tracker features, or why do you need vaccination app

1. Unique selling proposition of vaccination app

2. Patient’s history

3. Vaccination reminder

4. Timeline

5. News

Immunization tracker app development: pitfalls and challenges

High-level vaccination app development: additional features

Final thoughts

Our experience


In general, people accept the fact that mass vaccination is the most effective measure of preventing infectious diseases. It prevents 2 to 3 million deaths each year. One more essential fact is the vaccination is a critical step in reducing child mortality. Also, due to this, the only way to protect the population from all possible infections is to vaccinate the vast majority of citizens. There is a recommended schedule of vaccinations. So, it is crucial to remember the essential information about when exactly to get every vaccine and at what age the person should receive an immunization shot. At the crazy pace of day-to-day living in a modern world, it is difficult to remember when the next shot should be done or the serial number of the vaccine for future reference. As it is important, the digital application industry offers a decision by building an immunization tracker. So, that is why the immunization tracker app development has a place.

Immunization tracker features, or why do you need vaccination app

The main goal of any immunization tracker is to help customers to stay protected. Nowadays, every smartphone user can download the application and use relevant services. It remains only to choose the best option for you if you are a customer. Although, in 2012, among mobile users in the USA, only 19% had a health-related app on their mobile device. At the same moment, more than 50% accessed health information on their phones. We can conclude that in healthcare, in particular in building an immunization tracker, demand is higher than supply. If your company wants to become a vaccination tracker provider, it is necessary to know how to make a vaccination tracker in the best way. Here are a few crucial features you have to implement, building an immunization tracker.

Unique selling proposition of vaccination app

One of the main questions about how to develop an immunization tracker is choosing the balance between the standard approach of vaccination app development and offering the consumers some unique selling offer. Something that makes potential consumers prefer your apps. For instance, if most vaccination apps are built for Android, build some for both Android and iOS. Or you could build the vaccination app on Flutter and save your time, money, and effort. Also, if your competitors offer personal vaccination reminders, you can extend the service and provide customers with family access.

Patient’s history

The basic option of an immunization tracker is to hold and track all the patient’s vaccination history and, also, it can track the vaccination history of a patient’s family. As healthcare is a crucial area of human well-being, building an immunization tracker will help them to access the information about their vaccines in a few clicks.

Vaccination reminder

At this time, people have crazy schedules. They combine work, traveling, householding, and more. In every field, they have to deal with gigabytes of information. They always have a lot to remember. It is much simpler to download a few applications to manage different areas of day-to-day life. Among these applications should also be some healthcare apps, in particular, vaccination tracker. Here people can write down the previous vaccines and set a reminder for the next doctor's appointments.


It is a good idea to get notifications about upcoming vaccination for you and your family. But sometimes, it is even more comfortable to see the big picture of your future vaccination - to be able to set a plan of immunization activities and budgeting.


The situation with vaccinations changes from time to time. That is why when some companies build a vaccination app, they better add a news feature. It is even more crucial at the times of the COVID-19 pandemic when such information is top relevant for almost all people on the globe. Humankind is waiting for a new vaccine, and it is a good chance for the app development to satisfy users by informing them of the latest news in the field of healthcare.

Immunization tracker app development: pitfalls and challenges

The challenge of building an immunization tracker is clear. If you are going to build a vaccination app, you will face a situation when hundreds of similar apps already exist. Customers need to find at least one huge advantage of your service. Sometimes a developer team can easily find an excellent idea. In other cases, developers need to make a couple of serious market researches to understand the customers' needs. Still, if you will fill a gap between what customers need and what they have on the market, you will succeed.

High-level vaccination app development: additional features

On the one hand, additional features will complicate the vaccination app development. You will need to spend more time and money to build a vaccination app. But there is a solution. Last year's new technology can make app development much easier for developers and cheaper for owners. We are talking about Flutter. The thing is, previously, developers did work twice: for iOS and Android. But with Flutter, they can perform faster because it offers a system that can be used to design and develop on almost every machine. On the other hand, if you will add some additional features, you can offer a unique product for the market and set a higher price for it.

For example, we at KindGeek have worked on the vaccination tracker, too. It is the application that also includes the service of suggesting the right vaccinations for travelers. A person chooses the country, period, and type of traveling and gets the recommendation about necessary vaccines.

Final thoughts

Immunization tracker app development is the last answer to diseases. The healthcare system takes the newest achievements in medicine, technologies, and app development to fight against infectious diseases. Like in a lot of other areas, healthcare passes the way from centuries of inexperience to the time when any person can control his health by downloading a simple app. One of the integral habits of a healthy society is vaccination. Vaccination app development can help people to improve this habit. Patient’s history, vaccination reminder, timeline, news, and additional features will help people to follow the personal vaccination plan. It also will help you to create a useful application.

Our experience

We at KindGeek have worked on such projects as the vaccination app. We have an insightful experience of immunization tracker app development, as our team creates a great app with basic and additional features using Flutter technology. That is why we offer you to contact us if you would like to ask about some details or start a project with our company.