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Scrum in Software Development

3 Mins read
Scrum is “an agile framework for managing project workflow” to put it in a few words. At the same time, agile is a project management approach in accordance to which, a project is divided into smaller pieces that should be completed individually. Scrum is not an acronym; it is just a word that is used to describe a move in Rugby where team acts together to get a ball.
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KindGeek's Success Stories: Grafter

2 Mins read
Imagine Great Britain, with all its rapidly growing cities and new buildings emerging there to satiate the desires of people to live there in comfort. At the time, Tom Cape, a young UK entrepreneur, was doing some building work on his house. The work was going smoothly, but at one point, Tom faced the problem of a lack of workforce.

Comparison of Cross-Platform Development Tools

6 Mins read
Want your software product to reach the widest audience possible on the maximum number of devices? Want to make your application cross-platform? Get yourself ready to be intimidated by the number of OPTIONS; they are many. This article will help you figure out where to start with cross-platform software development.

How to Get People to Like a Website?

4 Mins read
Attention is a currency, and business competition for this currency is rough and getting rougher with each day. As minds of today get oversaturated with information, people become more selective about online resources they visit. The number of people who value their “informational hygiene” grows, which means that with each day, fight for people’s attention gets more and more complicated. However, nothing to worry about if you remember a simple rule.
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KindGeek's Success Stories: Puls

3 Mins read
The history of a company is comprised from the stories of its clients. Regardless, for how long a company exists, if it does not have a client story to share, it has nothing to tell the world. Therefore, we want to share some highlights of KindGeek’s partners with you so you can get to know our company better. This is the first part of our “Success Stories,” which tells the story of the…

How Design Affects Sales?

3 Mins read
What is the value of design? Is design a worthy investment? There are two ways of answering these and similar questions. The first one is more straightforward that answers the question directly yet does not do this topic all the justice it deserves. You will read it down below.
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Tech Trends of This Year

4 Mins read
A lot of opportunities await, but an eager entrepreneur should be careful about trying to juggle too many balls at once and rather should stick to whatever their company does the best. Always remember that our game is not about the trends but about quality and making the world a little more convenient place to be. However, knowing tech trends can help you better manage your investments and implement relevant solutions.