Why go with software company instead of employing a few developers

Software development is a complex process, which is not just coding. It is planning, managing, teamwork, design, back end, front end, deploying the software, checks performed for many times and with various approaches applied - and this is only the simplest software you may need to be delivered. As for me, it doesn’t sound like a “few people to employ” situation.

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Planning. After you decide that you want/need some “uber-like application”, you may need someone to enhance that idea, to make it relevant and advantageous to your business. 

Managing. Despite the fact that you know what is the best for your business and perhaps the management of your company does as well, you may not be that competent in software development, you may not know how to manage work within software development lifecycle and you may not be able to even imagine how to manage developers’ work rationally.

Teamwork. Each of us changes one’s job at least few times per life, and every time we have to get used to people we start working with, have to adjust some working relationships to perform a good work. Despite the seeming simplicity of this process, it takes a lot of your effort, since no one can hire a group that would be harmonious in advance.

Design, back end, front end, deploying the system. To be honest, that better goes also with discovery phase so the team will finalize a decision on tools and third-party API's to be used in the project. In the future (or at the same time - it is your choice) you would definitely want a mobile version of your application, so here we need iOS and Android to add. There is one more thing you may underestimate once and regret for a long time - quality assurance (since it is better to check few times at first, rather than lose your customers because of misfitting features you decided to add, while none of your managers could say “no” to you, as they may not be sure if it is worth their position). Oh, my Lord, who will arrange such huge team, plan their work efficiently and say “no” to some ideas which you could even not need, or might change your mind after implementing. Oops, came back to managing again.

Just some food for thoughts.