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Dream and Act, the way to implementation

2 Mins read
The main topic is incredibly powerful and simple “Dream and act”. Anton Skrypnyk is KindGeek’s CEO, Lviv Business School’s MSc in Technology Management program alumni and father of two kinds, lecturer in Lviv Polytechnic National University. “It is great to perceive that in my class above 75% of students are working already, while in another one – only 10%, and I personally and KindGeek want to be the ‘wave”, which makes good viral initiatives and push the action.”

Artificial Intelligence: efficient and safe?

3 Mins read
Artificial Intelligence, black and white point of view. AI-theme is huge today. At different tech-conferences there are speeches about it, there are also related hackathons, moreover, there are some companies specializing in this area. Probably, it sounds mysterious and reminds some sci-fi. It is close to reality now, however. What is Artificial Intelligence actually?

What is convenient about Clutch.co and why do you need it

3 Mins read
Clutch.co. The resource is a perfect place to find best firms for your next big project. The site collects information, research data and real reviews on hundreds of Advertising & Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Software Development, Web and Mobile App Development, and IT Consulting companies throughout the world. Contact the chosen company and start your collaboration!
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TechTram 30/06

2 Mins read
TechTram is new interactive event for networking, professional and self development, and simply pleasant freetime spending in comfortable enviroment. You can take a trip every month in different IT spaces. Our TechTram drivers choose various subjects related to technologies, development etc.