How is AI used in fintech?

1 Mins read
The use cases of artificial intelligence in fintech are truly ample and span across all areas – front office (e.g., chatbots and…

What to Consider Creating a Fintech App

4 Mins read
Security, security, and security. Have I mentioned security? FinTech software deals with money, and the very first thing people want when the deal gets to their money is security (duh). Fintech applications become more intuitive and easy to use with every day, which is awesome but also not that much.

Developing Secure Fintech Application

9 Mins read
American Financial Sector gets cyber attacked “over a billion times a year,” stated CEO of PayPal and a chairman of Symantec, Dan Schulman, in this interview. In 2017, Banks lost $16.8 billion to cybercriminals according to Javelin report. The number of Data Breaches reported by UK financial companies to Financial Conduct Authority “rose 480% in a year” according to RPC report.